Arashi Spring

Health 600
Power 52
Attack 51
Defense 28
Pyscho-Kinetic Ability Hypervelocity
Weapon Specialization Saw Blade

Arashi Spring is a Companion in Scarlet Nexus. Arashi Spring can fight alongside either one of the game's Main Characters: Yuito Sumeragi or Kasane RandallArashi Spring harnesses the Pyscho-Kinetic AbilityHypervelocity and specializes in wielding the weapon; Saw Blade. Companions play an integral role in Scarlet Nexus since they can combine their powers to unleash powerful, unique, and deadly attacks to take down their foes.


Being able to selfishly slack off whenever I want is something a grownup gets to do.


Arashi Spring Information


This lovely soldier - the face of the OSF, whose passion and sunny personality ahve earned her fans of all ages - is just a persona Arashi uses when on screen. When there are no cameras around, she loosen up and slacks off her work, often reffered to as "Lazy Ara" by her teammates.

If she feels like it, her clam and brilliant mind makes her extremely dependable in any situation. It is even rumored that the abilities of his genius are on par with those of the Septentrion. What is even harder to believe due to the effects of the anti-ageing drugs is that she is actually Fubuki Spring's older sister.

The lovely girl who works in PR as the face of the OSF and whose passion for her work and sunny personality have earned her fans of all ages... is just the face she knows to common citizens. She's only polite in front of the cameras, and the fact that she is passionate about slacking off from work is kept a secret by the OSF.

Therefore, she isn't held in high regard by her superiors, but she's extremely effective in battle when she gets serious. She is also a genius engineer. She is the older sister of Fubuki Spring and has even greater potential than him, even being rumored to be Septentrion level. Her calm and brilliant mind make her extremely dependable... if she feels like it.


How to Recruit Arashi Spring

  • In the Demo, Arashi Spring was featured as one of the companions.
  • In Yuito's playthrough, Arashi automatically joins the party during the quest Trusting the Path to the Future (Mizuhagawa District) in Phase 1.


Arashi Spring Weapon Proficiency

Arashi Spring specializes and is proficient in using the following Weapon/s:

  • Saw Blade


Arashi Spring Notes and tips

  • Other Notes and Tips
  • JP Voice Actress: Yui Horie



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