Baki Floor Light

Max Carry 99
Recipient Companion bond-heart-relationship-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide Yuito Sumeragi

Baki Floor Light is a Present Item in Scarlet NexusPresents in Scarlet Nexus are an assortment of various Items that could be gifted to Companions in the Hideout to boost the character's relationships. These could be purchased or obtained from various Locations and from Satori the Archivist, and are used to increase Bond Levels and progress in Bond Episodes. A good companion relationship allows the player to also have a better SAS Ability Level. Gifts usually have an appropriate designated recipient who would appreciate the present more than others might, therefore some presents can only be gifted to that particular Character.


This floor light faithfully reproduces Baki's soft and round form. Seeing Baki surrounded by warm light will undoubtedly brighten your day.


Baki Floor Light Information

Max Carry: 99

Some presents have indicated whether characters will really appreciate the present with a heart icon. bond-heart-relationship-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide Characters marked with the heart will highly value the gift and will further increase your bond more than it might other characters.

Recipient Companion



Where to Find Baki Floor Light

Presents and other Items can usually be exchanged or purchased from Satori the Archivist. The shop inventory updates with story progression.

Items necessary for Exchange:


Baki Floor Light Notes and tips

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