Battles Items in Scarlet Nexus features the different consumable items that can be used by the player. There are many consumables that can be found such as items that can replenish the team's health, removing status ailments, adds temporary buffs, and many more. Battle Items can be found through loot, from dropped enemies, acquired as rewards for compleing Quests, given by NPCs or Companions, crafted, and purchased from shops or merchants. This page covers a list of all the Battle Items found in the game.

Data Point/ Resource Reading


There are locations where you can get items. 

  • Environmental data points: Obtain Other and environmental data. 
  • Resource reading: You won't know what the item is until you obtain it.

They can be claimed again after a certain amount of time passes but their locations will be randomized.

Where Do I Shop?


You buy or sell battle equipment and items at shops. Add-ons will be marked with an asterisk (*). The sole merchant of Scarlet Nexus is Satori the Archivist. Satori's list of items sold in the shop becomes updated over time as you progress the game. Satori can be found in various sections of the different Locations in Scarlet Nexus. Usually, Satori is found near marked objectives, before reaching it.


System Log


A system log is displayed on the right of the screen when you defeat an enemy. You can see how much EXP and money kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide you earned, as well as any items you received.

Use Item


The item menu is displayed on the bottom left of the screen during battle. D-pad left & right to switch items, down to use an item. You cannot use an item immediately after another. You will be able to use another item after a certain amount of time has passed.



Scarlet Nexus Battle Items

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Item Effect

Max Carry

Light Jelly
Recovers 30% of max HP. 10
Medium Jelly
Recovers 60% of max HP. 10
Max Jelly
Completely recovers HP. 10
All: Max Jelly
Recovers HP Completely for all allies. 10
Normalization Tablet
Cures statues ailments. 10
All: Normalization Tablet
Cures Status ailments for all allies. 10
All: Light Jelly
Recovers 30% of max HP for all allies. 10
SAS Refuelling Drink
Recovers SAS gauge to full. 10
Brain Field Gear
Recharges brain field meter. 10

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