Conclusion and an Accidental Meeting is a Quest in Scarlet Nexus. Yuito and Kasane are working together now. The injured and unconscious Fubuki wakes up, and they all share the information they have, discussing what to do moving forward.



Conclusion and an Accidental Meeting Walkthrough


Fubuki recovers from his injuries and Kasane's team, as well as Yuito's, work together. Their plan now is to focus on stopping Togetsu before they make their move to send someone after the team or even worse, hurting the citizens. Before setting off to infiltrate Togetsu, Kagero Donne asks Yuito to speak and meet him at Kikuchiba.

Boss Battle: Kagero Donne


You'll arrive at Kikuchiba on your own, and your goal is to head to the top of the construction site where you previously fought the Gunkin Perry in Phase 1. You'll start at the shops' section so you need to work your way through the Others until you reach the marked objective. You'll come across enemies such as the Vase Paws, Scummy Pendu, and Fuel Pool. When you ride the elevator to reach the objective area, you can find Satori the Archivist there - save your game progress before approaching Kagero.


After the cutscene, you'll trigger a boss battle against Kagero Donne. Kagero uses a pair of daggers made of special alloy to cut down opponents while in stealth. Although not the most mobile enemy, he often cloaks himself with invisibility to sneak up on his target and execute spinning attacks. However, the weakness with this tactic is that his cloak ability still shows a silhouette of him as he is traveling. Hence, as Yuito the player should be able to easily out-kite Kagero with Aerial Attacks and Perfect Dodges, countering with a blitz of Katana slashes.


While fighting Kagero in melee, he would regularly jump up and throw his daggers at you. These daggers deal high damage and cause the target to bleed, applying DoT damage after a successful hit. Dodge the throw if possible, if hit, consume a Light Jelly or Medium Jelly right away to heal and remove the bleeding. Damage and interrupt at range with Psychokinesis attacks, and continue to pressure with melee slashes.


Kagero's Crush Gauge depletes fairly rapidly when attacked by consecutive strikes. At around 60% health, Kagero's Crush Gauge will completely deplete. Use Brain Crush to chunk off roughly 30% of his health, forcing Kagro to enter into his hooded form. However, since no noticeable difference in Kagero's combat while he is hooded, simply keep up the pressure until his Crush Gauge is completely depleted once again to defeat Kagero in battle. Another cutscene will then trigger and you'll travel to the next location, Hieno Mountain - moving forward, you can now switch up your Companions along with Kasane's team, while the rest who are on reserve, you will gain access to Psycho-kinetic Abilities via Struggle Arms System (SAS).

Hieno Mountain: Around Togetsu


You'll first find Satori the Archivist at the starting point of the area. Save your game, replenish your HP, or check the shop if you need to. The path here is pretty linear and all you need to do is reach the mountainside path where the entrance of Togetsu is. Along the way, you'll encounter enemies such as the Rat Rut, Doppel Pool, and Rainy Rummy. A cutscene will then trigger when you're near the entrance of Togetsu.


Simply head inside and another cutscene will follow where we find the team ambushed but is able to teleport with the help of Luka to BABE, a hidden sanctuary within Togetsu. Upon arriving, you'll immediately be ambushed by enemies such as the Cut Rat which is a tougher variation of the Rat Rut. Use Psychokinesis to throw objects at it in order for its shell to break, revealing its weak spot - a cutscene will again, trigger after defeating the two enemies.

BABE: Stairway to the "One and Only" Future


After the cutscene, proceed forward towards the long bridge where you'll, again, find Satori the Archivist. Continue on, past Satori, and you'll first encounter the Doppel Pool. Defeat the enemies and continue to the next area where you'll come across a group of Cut Rat. The next enemy you'll encounter is an Auger Sabbat, make sure to break the shell protecting its face to reveal the weak spot.


In the uppermost section where you'll again, bump into Satori the Archivist, you'll encounter the Saliva Santa. This enemy will try to hide inside its box, so using Psychokinesis to throw objects at it will break its shell, or using SAS: Invisibility will help in baiting it to pop out of its box. You'll encounter more of this enemy in the same area. Head up two stairs and you'll encounter another Cut Rat and Doppel Pool enemies. There is actually a lot of enemies that are roaming the area but you can choose to just run away unless you walk into an area that blocks your path which requires you to defeat the enemies so that you can proceed - simply head towards the marked objective that will take you to the BABE - Floor of Emotion.

BABE: Floor of Emotion


Continue towards the objective where you'll encounter more enemies. But luckily, along the way, you can use Psychokinesis to ride on a metal platform to use it to run over enemies along the way, and easily maneuver your way around. You'll automatically get off when you reach the limit of the area you can travel to, and you'll find Satori the Archivist again. Be cautious when you're near the objective because you will encounter a strong enemy, the Slippy Chinery. Head towards the marked objective to the Floor of Instinct and a cutscene will trigger when you reach it.

Court Mort Battle


For this boss encounter, the Court Mort Battle, it's more of maneuvering and trying to escape it and not get caught up behind the floor that's collapsing behind. This monumental behemoth is simply not meant to be fought. The goal of the battle is for the platoon to get past the narrow bridge as it collapses, while this unnamed Others hovers nearby, chasing the team down as it summons vast groups of Plateau Pendus. Lagging behind will cause the player to fall and instantly lead to game over, so make sure to use any skills at your disposal, such as jumps, dashing, or SAS to stay ahead of the collapsing bricks. The entire duration of the chase is roughly 2 minutes. 

The summoned Plateau Pendus will continuously fly forwards in groups. Double jump right before they hit you from behind to evade. Alternatively, use SAS: Slerokinesis to become immune to attacks if the incoming Plateau Pendus are too fast to evade Take note that each Plateau Pendu flies at varying speeds, so each jump must be timed differently. Being hit will not only deal damage but more importantly, severely slow down the character, allowing bricks to catch up, possibly resulting in a fall to death. 

At around 1 minute in, the massive unnamed Boss will release a powerful beam of Others energy from its head, eating away half of the bridge's width. Run to the right edge of the bridge as this happens to avoid being hit by the beam and falling. Soon after this attack, you will receive prompts from teammates that the platoon is approaching what seems to be the exit leading to BABE's center. The Others leviathan will begin to catch up from right behind, as it mauls down the bridge with its head. This is why it is important for the player to save up the SAS: Velocity for this moment, as it might be difficult to outright the unnamed boss otherwise. Continue to run ahead for a few more seconds for the chase to end with the next cutscene.

Kunad Highway


After the encounter with the gigantic Other, open the World Map and travel to the Parking Area of Kunad Highway where you'll see the Kunad Gate expanding. You won't encounter enemies here, just proceed to the marked objective to trigger another cutscene that involves a flashback of Yuito. You'll all return to the Hideout, as well as Wakana Sumeragi, who's recovering - from here, you'll enter the Standby Phase for Phase 10.


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