Days of Disquieting Stagnation is a Quest in Scarlet Nexus. Yuito was shown a Hideout where the active members of the OSF spend time to take a breath, rest and even catch up with one another. But Yuito struggles on the daily missions for the OSF. Yuito decides to take a nap at the hideout to rest but finds himself waking up at Sumeragi Tomb.



Days of Disquieting Stagnation Walkthrough


Yuito takes a rest at the Hideout but later on wakes up at the Sumeragi Tomb in Suoh City. Conflicted with what just happened, Nagi Karman contacts Yuito and tells him that Kagero is running military exercises in the training area and that they both should join. Yuito leaves the mystery at the side and heads back to the OSF Training Facility to rendezvous with the rest of the OSF officers.

Virtual Training


Upon arriving at the OSF Training Facility, a cutscene will trigger. You'll learn that Kagero has set up a competitive training exercise where each and everyone will be in a group of three members and will try reach the goal and grab the flag. You'll team up with Kagero Donne and Shidden Ritter and will start off the virtual exercise within a holographic setting of Kikuchiba. Upon regaining control of Yuito, you'll be prompted with a tutorial on how to change and set tactics/behavior for your active Companions. If you need to save, Satori the Archivist is just on your right at the starting point.


When you're ready, head towards the alley, follow the path indicated on the mini-map and along the way you'll find x2 Kikuchiba Environment C and eventually, come across the first enemy of the area, the Buddy Rummy. You'll then be prompted another tutorial on how SAS: Invisibility works. Use this to your advantage so that you can sneak up behind an enemy undetected and you can execute a powerful backstab. After trying out the new SAS attack, head up the long set of stairs to continue forward.

Kikuchiba: Second Level


At the top, go left first so that you can find x2 Kikuchiba Envrionment A. After grabbing the material item, go the opposite side down the alleyway until you reach an open area where you'll encounter x2 Bile Pool. The Bile Pool can shoot out water-based projectiles that can apply the Soaked Status on you, if you are soaked, this limits your mobility. Luckily, you can now trigger SAS: Electrokinesis. By borrowing electrokinesis, the attacks and Psychokinesis objects will have electricity that increases the damage and can cause the Shocked Status when repeatedly used. It is effective against enemies with the Soaked Status. Lightning attacks from Electrokinesis is the weakness of the Bile Pool - before heading up another set of stairs, you'll encounter x2 Buddy Rummy and another Bile Pool.

Kikuchiba: Third Level


Upon reaching the third level, you'll find the location of the flag but you need to find another way around to reach it. A swarm of Scummy Pendu airborne enemies will spawn here, remeber to use Rising Slash to deal a significant amount of damage to the enemies. After defeating the swarm, x3 Buddy Rummy will spawn next. After killing all enemies, you'll find an open gate in front of where you just fought the enemies. Go around the alley and head up the next set of stairs to reach the fourth level, at the top of the fourth level, you'll find Kikuchiba Envrionment C. Next go up another set of steps to reach the fifth level.

Kikuchiba: Fifth Level


When you're on the fifth level, x3 Buddy Rummy enemies will spawn here. Using SAS: Electrokinesis will take them out easily since the shockwaves from your weapon attacks can easily hit two of the enemies at once. Shortly after defeating the Buddy Rummy enemies, x4 Plateau Pendu will appear. These are another airborned type enemies, so use Rising Slash so that you can temporarily stun them and attack it while its on the ground.


Once you've killed all enemies, go west and you'll find the following items, x2 Kikuchiba Environment B and Light Jelly. You'll then find the next set of stairs leading to the Mid-Level Shopping District where the goal area is, ignore that first since you need to find the flag.


Go back to where you fought the Buddy Rummy and Plateau Pendu (still on the fifth level), you'll find a path on the north side of the mini-map, go around it and you'll find a separate set of stairs that goes back down to the other side of the third level where the flag is. It is being protected by a group of Buddy Rummy enemies, so use SAS: Invisibility and backstab an enemy to gain the upper-hand. Take out all of the enemies, grab the flag that's in the middle of the area and go back up to the fifth level and take the set of steps that leads to the Mid-Level Shopping District where the goal is. But beware, along the way, more enemies are waiting for you.

Mid-Level Shopping District


From here, the goal is simple, fight your way through the enemies that are swarming around the shopping disctrict and reach the top level where you'll find Satori the Archivist. The goal area is the open parking lot of Kikuchiba where Satori is. Along the way before reaching the goal area, you'll encounter enemies such as the Buddy Rummy, Bile Pool, and Scummy Pendu. Make sure to save the game before entering the parking lot because you'll have a showdown against Kasane Randall.

Battle: Kasane Randall


Upon entering the parking lot, you'll bump into Kasane's team and you'll have to fight against her one-on-one. Remember that Kasane uses the same power as you do, the only difference is she has quite an advantage when using her weapon since she using throwing knives that are fast and can hit you at mid-range. So be ready to dodge a lot. Kasane will throw objects at you when she uses Psychokinesis, so the best way to counter her is to "Intercept" her attacks. If timed right after dodging any object or projectile is thrown at you, you can press the designated button to send those objects or projectiles back at her.


You'll know when Kasane will use Psychokinesis and throw objects at you when she stays put and focuses on grabbing and flinging that object at you. You can't stop her when she tries to throw objects at you so you need to either dodge or intercept her attack by throwing the object back at her. You can also use Psychokinesis attacks when she's not trying to focus, and occasionally, you'll stun her for a brief moment, allowing for follow-up attacks. Again, you just want to watch out for her weapon attacks since those are the ones that take a lot of damage. Focus on breaking her crush gauge so that she falls down to the ground and you can trigger a Brain Crush attack.


When Kasane's health is at 40%, you'll see a prompt to use Psychokinesis to pull out a pole and throw it at her. Trigger it and a showdown will happen between Yuito and Kasane, quickly mash the button indicated so that you win against the sequence. You'll inflict a lot of damage against her, so all that's left to do is keep attacking her. Defeating her will complete this quest or if you're health reaches zero, you'll lose the battle against her but you'll still complete this quest. To trigger the next story quest, your next destination is to travel to the Abandoned Subway: Suoh Line 9 - simply open the world map when you're back at Suoh City Ryujin Ward and choose the subway location.


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