Days of Disquieting Stagnation (Abandoned Subway) is a Quest in Scarlet Nexus. After the intense training with the active members of the OSF, as well as the showdown against Kasane Randall, Yuito and the rest of the members of Seto Platoon has been given orders to head over to the Abandoned Subway: Suoh Line 9 and to exterminate a large pack of Others.



Days of Disquieting Stagnation (Abandoned Subway) Walkthrough


After the intense training with the active members of the OSF, as well as the showdown against Kasane Randall, Yuito and the rest of the members of Seto Platoon has been given orders to head over to the Abandoned Subway: Suoh Line 9 and to exterminate a large pack of Others. When you're ready to head out, open the wporld map and choose the Abandoned Subway to begin the quest.

The Abandoned Subway


Upon arriving, you'll start off with a cutscene where the Seto Platoon is having a briefing regarding the mission. You'll be teamed up with Kagero Donne and Tsugumi Nazar. You've already experienced how SAS: Invisibility works during the previous quest, this time, you'll gain access to use SAS: Clairvoyance by connecting to Tsugumi's power, Clairvoyance. Upon starting, you'll be given a tutorial regarding Brain Drive, read it and if you need to save, you can find Satori the Archivist who's near the starting point.

In front of Satori, you can find x1 Abandoned Subway Environment C. Jump over the destroyed train and behind it there's a resource containing x1 SAS Refueling Drink. Now, head towards the train tracks and you'll encounter a new variation of an Other, the Saws Paws. This enemy can turn invisible, so you need to use SAS: Clairvoyance to be able to spot it even if it turns invisible. Defeat the enemy, and enter the next room that's on the left and you'll trigger a tutorial prompt on how to use the train car with Psychokinesis as a special object attack.


There are some Scummy Pool enemies that are on the train tracks, so all you need to do is to look at the train car and when the button prompt appears, press it down to use Psychokinesis and Yuito will have the train car ram over the enemies. After killing the enemies, look behind and there's a dead-end tunnel where you can find another resource item containing x1 Light Jelly. Go back to the train tracks where the enemies were and pick up the items that it dropped such as Battle Record A, Scummy Pool Analysis, and Pool-type Suppression - head over to the open area of the station and x2 Rain Rummy along with a couple of Scummy Pool enemies will spawn - take out the Scummy Pool enemies first since it has low health and you can stop it from shooting biles at you.


Shortly after you clear the area, a Brawn Yawn will pop out from the ground, but in order for you to damage it, you need to use SAS: Invisibility to deceive it. The enemy will only pop out from the ground if you are undetected. If you come out of being invisibile, it will burrow into the ground and try to ambush you from below. While you're invisible don't forget to use a backstab attack to take a big chunk out of its Crush Gauge. Keep moving around to avoid it's laser beam attack, you can also use this to your advantage and land a couple of hits since it stays in place when it shoots the laser from its mouth.


After defeating the enemy, head east from the mini-map where you'll find a slope leading into the inactive subway lines. On the right side, there's a resource item containing x1 Light Jelly and on the left is x1 Abandoned Subway Envrionment C. Grab the items and head towards the subway line proper. Go right first and you'll see a stack of crates blocking a path leading to small room, jump over it and grab the Abandoned Subway Envrionment B. On the oppsite side of the room ther's another path that's blocked by some stacked crates, jump over it and head up the steps to find x1 All: Light Jelly - go back down and proceed towards the train line where you'll encounter x2 Rainy Rummy.

Inside Abandoned Line


You'll now reach the second section of the abandoned subway, the Inside Abandoned Line. Continue forward and you'll find a group of enemies standing in front of a wrecked train car. Trigger SAS: Invisibility as soon as you approach them and then walk up to the train car so that you can use Psychokinesis to run them over, instantly killing them. If you wanna grab an item and farm some exp, head towards the tunnel on the right side and x3 Rainy Rummy will spawn followed by a Brawn Yawn. Remember to use SAS: Invisibility to bait and ambush the enemy. After clearing the area, grab the resource item to obtain Green Curtain: Fresh Verdure - go back to the train tracks and follow the objective marker.


The path ahead is pretty much straightforward where you'll encounter x2 Rainy Rummy and x1 Saws Paws. Remember to use SAS: Clairvoyance so that you can see the enemy when it's invisible. At the end of the path, you can find Satori the Archivist to save and use the shop if you want. There's also a resource item near Satori which gives you x1 All: Light Jelly.


Next, head towards the lower section of the abandoned line. Along the way, you'll encounter x1 Saws Paws with x2 Scummy Pool, while at the lower section, there's a group of Rainy Rummy standing on the train tracks. Again, use SAS: Invisibility so you can sneak past the enemies and use Psychokinesis to throw the train car at them, don't forget to grab the All: Light Jelly item that's ahead. Now the objective is at the west side, but if you want to farm some EXP, you can fight the Auger Sabbat that's on the east side of the map and grab the item Light Jelly.


At the west side, there are x2 Saws Paws roaming. Use SAS: Clairvoyance to spot these enemies when they turn invisible, simply kill them and proceed further to the next section of the abandoned line. You can find Satori the Archivist again. When you're ready, head down the steps next to Satori and a cutscene dialogue will trigger where you'll bump into Naomi Randall.

Head to Point Alpha

After the cutscene, be ready to fight the enemies in the area, you'll be ambushed by a Brawn Yawn while x2 Rainy Rummy will attack as well. Immeditately go invisible with SAS: Invisibility and take out the Rainy Rummy enemies first before shifting your attention towards the Brawn Yawn.

After defeating all three enemies, head into the next section and make your way to point alpha. But before doing so, make sure to check the section on the east side of the mini-map, there are x2 Saws Paws, defeat both enemies and pick up the resouce item that's nearby to find x1 Fashion Magazine "RUMOR".

On the west section of the lower section of the abandoned line, leading to the marked objective, you'll find another resource item containing x1 Medium Jelly, grab it and head towards the marked objective that leads to Osukuni Station.

Osukuni Station


You'll now arrive at Osukuni Station. If you need to save, you'll find Satori the Archivist here as well. Before heading up the escalator on the right of Satori, check the escaltor on the left to find the following items, x1 Medium Jelly at the ground level and at the top is x1 All: Light Jelly. Head back down and proceed to the marked objecive where a cutscene will trigger.


After the cutscene, you'll fight against the Others who ambushes you along with Tsugumi Nazar. Be ready upon gaining control and defeat the Auger Sabbat and Scummy Pool. Another cutscene will trigger after defeating the enemies and during the cutscene, Naomi Randall in an attempt to save her sister Kasane gets shot with a component that mutates her into an Other.

Boss Battle: Naomi Randall


You'll now fight the mutated Naomi Randall alongside Tsugimi Nazar and Gemma Garrison. With Gemma in your party, you can now use SAS: Sclerokinesis which strengthens Yuito's defenses. Naomi will initially spawn as a giant twisted rag-doll, with her legs facing up (knees up) and her torso facing down (belly and elbows down) .  During this phase, she will merely release an occasional tremor attack that damages targets standing below her or within her immediate vicinity. However, aside from this attack it seems that at this beginning phase Naomi is not an active threat, as she will stay put after crawling into a wall. This gives the player an opportunity to quickly damage her by hack-n-slashing her with melee combo attacks.


Once Naomi's HP has been reduced to roughly 70%, a cutscene will play, showing her form twisting into the opposite orientation - with her lower body facing down (knees down) and torso facing up (elbows up). Naomi will reemerge in this form with her HP bar refilled. A far more formidable threat compared to the last stage, Naomi will execute a series of damaging melee attacks. Although these moves cover large areas, they come with the cost of self-induced crowd controls.

For example, Naomi will begin with a sweeping attack, turning in 180 degrees with one arm extended, but the after cast of the skill will expose her side to attacks. Another such move features her firing ribbons from her back, which pierces into the ground and extends out from below her target, dealing moderate damage.


However, as her ribbons are rooted into the ground she will be snared for the entire duration. A more obvious sacrifice attack is when Naomi performs her forward lunge, which deals damage to units in her path, though she will faceplant onto the ground, knocking herself down. A more threatening move during this stage is her greater tremor, where she arches back as she kneels and lets out a roar, knocking down all units in a large radius.


Since most of Naomi's attack comes with self-inhibiting effects, players can adopt a "peek-a-boo" pattern when performing melee attacks. Maintain distance or dodge as you notice Naomi preparing to strike, and once she has crowd-controlled herself, move back in to chain melee combos. Rinse and repeat, and perform psychokinesis attacks when the psychokinesis bar hsa charged up. When Naomi Randall's health is fully depeted, press the button that is prompted and a cutscene will trigger.

Chase After Kasane


Ater the cutscene, you'll need to chase after Kasane alongside Gemma. The objective here is pretty straightforward, work your way through the abandoned station to reach the otuside section. Along the way of the first section outside the station, you will of course encounter enemies such as the Rainy Rummy, Scummy Pool. By the exit as well, you can find Satori the Archivist.


When you reach an intersection of two paths, on the mini-map, check the right side to find an OSF Standard Issue Pack [Black] that's at a dead-end. After grabbing the item, head towards the marked objective to trigger another cutscene where you'll find Kasane speaking to Major Karen - watch the cutscene and at the end you'll complete it and return to the Hideout.


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