Fubuki Spring

Affiliation OSF
Voice Actor (JP) Isshin Chiba

Fubuki Spring is an NPC in Scarlet Nexus. NPCs are characters who can be interacted with in your journey and also add contrast to the game's lore, where some NPCs provide information, grants unique quests, while others are categorized as Merchants or Blacksmiths whom you can trade with or request for certain services.


Now go. You'll only get in my way.


Fubuki Spring Information


He is an OSF team commander, currently one of the most powerful members of the organization. He is one of the Septentrions, a member with exceptionally outstanding abilities. Having a kind and gentle personality, he is extremely trusted by memebrs in the OSF. He is sometimes seen as being too indulgent and easygoing to some members of his platoon.

First Regiment Commander of the Other Suppression Force and its current effective leader. He is kind and gentle, so many OSF members trust him immensely. Some people see his kindness as weakness, but his trustworthiness is irrefutable. His handsome appearance and amicability have gained him many fans among the citizens. The seven most outstanding members of the OSF are given the title Septentrion, and Fubiki is one of them, with the rank of Second Class.


Where to Find Fubuki Spring

  • Fubuki Spring makes his first appearance at the Suoh City Ryujin Ward during Prologue: Reunion


Fubuki Spring Related Quests

Listed below are the following Quests related to Nagi Karman:


Fubuki Spring Notes and tips

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