Gunkin Fisher

Location Old OSF Hospital, Lokusho City Ruins
Weakness Oil tank on its back; The organ inside the oil tank
Reward/s 2.000 EXP, 670 gold

Gunkin Fisher is a Boss in Scarlet Nexus. It is encountered when playing as Yuito in Phase 5. The Gunkin Fisher is a six-legged beast, enhanced with large spikes and bionic tubings, featuring an oil tank mounted on its back. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards. You can find relevant information and guides on how to defeat Gunkin Fisher.


Gunkin Fisher Location



Gunkin Fisher Rewards

  • 2.000 EXP, 670 gold 



Gunkin Fisher Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Much like the Gunkin Perry, the Gunkin Fisher is a resilient yet nimble beast, capable of attack at range and in melee. During the battle, the Gunkin Fisher will spill oil around itself in a radius, damaging and impairing enemies who approach it at melee. It will also regularly knock enemies back with a powerful swing from its left arm, similar to that of the Gunkin Perry's. When at range, the Gunkin Fisher will hold one of the metal hoses hanging from its head, then aim it at its target to shoot it with a compressed beam of oil. 

By far the most unique feature that differentiates the Gunkin Fisher from the Gunkin Perry is its superior ability to climb walls. From time to time, the Gunkin Fisher will retreat from Yuito and climb up the wall and onto the ceiling, hanging upside down in a spider-like fashion. This position is advantageous for the Gunkin Fisher  as it can continue to execute targets with the Oil Spill and Oil Beam attack, while staying away from upfront melee damage. To counter the Gunkin Fisher in it "upside down" position, the player can attack it at range using Psychokinesis while evading damage, and more importantly, pull down the tarp from the ceiling with Psychokinesis by holding down the "LT" button. Although this might take a few attempts as the Gunkin Perry will continuously bombard the player with oil attacks, once the panels above it falls  the Gunkin Perry will crash down, breaking its glass tank, rendering it stunned and vulnerable for several seconds. This window gives players a golden opportunity to chain combos and melee burst attacks. 

With so many oil-based attacks coming from the large oil reserve on its back, the Gunkin Fisher's weak spot is naturally the glass casing of its tank. However, unlike the Gunkin Perry, its oil tank is caged by a series of large poles that surround the sides of the tank, making it a little more difficult to hit than the Gunkin Perry's. When using Psychokinesis to hurl objects at the Gunkin Perry, always aim for the top of the tank, or side in between the poles. Destroying the oil tank will give the player a plethora of advantages. First, it will expose an even weaker, more vital organ encased inside, allowing players to deal heavy damage. Secondly, the Gunkin Fisher will consequently become drenched in its own oil, which will cause its body to ignite and burn when players utilize fire-based attacks. Most importantly, before the oil tank respawns the Gunkin Fisher will be unable to use any of its oil attacks. 

Since the Gunkin Perry will alternate between fighting on ground and kiting from the ceiling, it is recommended for players to start charging and conserving Psychokinesis bar by attacking it in melee shortly before it crawls up. Having sufficient Psychokinesis energy in the Psychokinesis bar will ensure the player maintains a relevant damage output at all stages, even when the Gunkin Perry is untouchable by melee attacks. 


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Oil Spill: Gunkin Fisher sprays oil from its tank in all directions, applying the "Oil" Status Ailment and damaging enemies around him over a large radius.  Jump/Dodge away when noticing the pre-cast. 
Swipe Attack: The Gunkin Fisher raises its left arm and performs a brutal swing at targets in front.   Staying on the Gunkin Fisher's right hand side, or jumping backwards.
Oil Beam: The Gunkin Fisher aims one of its metal ducts at its target and sprays a compressed jet beam of oil from afar.  Continuously kite by running to the side. 
Leap Attack: The Gunkin Fisher leaps high in to the air and lands onto the ground, dealing damage to units around it.  Run towards the Gunkin Fisher when it is about to preform the jump; Hurl objects at it with Psychokinesis while it is airborne.
Climb: Gunkin Fisher climbs up the wall and onto the ceiling's tarps, striking targets at range with oil attacks. Hold "LT" to pull down the ceiling tarp from which the Gunkin Fisher is hanging on, causing it to crash land onto the ground. 



Gunkin Fisher Lore

After Yuito and his platoon travelled out to the the Old OSF Hospital in the Lokusho City Ruins to find Nagi, they eventually come to realize that the building has been overrun by the Others. After defeating several waves of Others creatures of varying sizes, the Gunkin Fisher jumps down at Yuito from the ceiling. Hanabi stops the Gunkin Fisher from ambushing the party just in time, and the battle begins after the cutscene. 


Gunkin Fisher Notes & Trivia

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