Gunkin Perry

Location Kikuchiba
Weakness Head
Reward/s 400 EXP, 250 gold, Gunkin Perry Analysis

Gunkin Perry is a Boss in Scarlet Nexus. It is a six-legged cyborg mammalian composed of a head cannon, alloy Prosthetic limbs, and a large oil tank on its back. Gunkin Perry will be the first boss encountered in Kikuchiba when playing as Yuito. It is a major Other that has a jar-like feature that gives it the ability to make ranged attacks. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards. You can find relevant information and guides on how to defeat Gunkin Perry.


Gunkin Perry Location



Gunkin Perry Rewards

  • 400 EXP, 250 gold, Gunkin Perry Analysis



Gunkin Perry Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

The Gunkin Perry has two initial major attack types, a melee side slash and a ranged projectile attack that will shoot from its jar head. It only uses its right arm to perform the side swipe attacks, so avoid this area in general by remaining directly on its left or keeping behind its arm range.

Hanabi will suggest using Psychokinesis on the surrounding objects to hurl them at the creature's head. Upon landing a successful hit, the glass layer will break and the Gunkin Perry is temporarily stunned which gives players an opening to perform combo attacks. Furthermore, hurling large objects at the Gunkin Perry's glass tank on its back by using Psychokinesis will cause it to explode, drenching it in oil. Hanabi will then prompt players to use her attack to follow up with SAS: Pyrokinesis which will cause the Gunkin Perry to ignite and burn, dealing additional damage. Continue with this combination along with using Psychokinesis to drain its HP bar.

During its next wave of attacks, the Gunkin Perry will execute two melee attacks, which consist of a stagnant spin attack and a smash attack by leaping high into the air. Both of these melee attacks are avoidable by running away from Gunkin Perry as they are telegraphed, and are slow to execute. Take note that the Gunkin Perry is grounded during his spin attack, rendering it stagnant and unable to travel.  Hence players can use this as an opportunity to spam Psychokinesis skills to damage it during its spin attack, before alternating back to melee attacks when the skill is over. On the other hand, its leap attack is always followed up with stomps from all six of its legs, so make sure to wait until the Gunkin Perry stands up again before approaching it again. 

Additionally, the Gunkin Perry is capable of a ranged attack where it will launch three oil bombs that spread out in different directions. These bombs apply the Status Ailment "Oil", which causes affected units to lose their footing, and burn when hit by fire attacks. Fortunately, these oil bombs are fired in large blobs that spread out in projectile motion, giving players enough time to move away in any direction to avoid them.

The other characters such as Seto Narukami will also point out some environmental features including the hanging objects in the area. Lure the Gunkin Perry under the hanging materials and use Yuito's powers to knock it down over its head.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Side Swipe Backward Dodge
Ranged Projectile Attack Dodge
Phase 2
 Spin Attack Dodge 
Triple Ranged Projectile Attack Keep your distance and be ready to dodge to avoid getting hit.
Jump Attack Dodge and follow up with Psychokinesis.



Gunkin Perry Lore

The Gunkin Perry is the first boss Yuito encounters, who suddenly appears at the upper-level construction site in Kikuchiba during the Trusting the Path to the Future (Kikuchiba) quest in Phase 1 of the story. This will the first boss Yuito will encounter right after he successfully joins the OSF as a member of the Seto platoon. 


Gunkin Perry Notes & Trivia

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Gunkin Perry Image Gallery

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