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  • Living Room

Hideout is a Location in Scarlet Nexus. Locations in Scarlet Nexus feature various areas that can be explored such as cities, abandoned, destroyed districts, landscapes, and many more. The game's many locations are inspired by classic anime and western science fiction, with a setting of a Brain Punk-futuristic Japanese setting where deranged mutants inhabit the large environment.


Hideout Information

The Hideout is a site for rest and relaxation. The hideout used to be the Sumeragi Family evacuation unit or a Randall Family safehouse, but was later on converted into a hideout for the active members of the OSF. At the hideout, you can travel here whenever you want, just open the world map. Returning to the hideout will recover your HP. But take note that you will not be able to return here if location movement is limited.

Apart from that, at the hideout, you can talk to your teammates and give them gifts to strengthen your bonds. The interval in between the main story is called the Standby Phase. Standby phases always start at the hideout and you are free to move and roam. If you want to progress the main story, check out the table in the center of the hideout's living room.

Another thing is before heading out, you can organize your party. You can choose battle members (Companions) besides the main character and reserve members from the "party" in the main menu. You can set members' powers in the SAS menu. If you use battle member's powers through SAS, there will be a bonus added to the duration, and SAS gauge recovery speed.


Hideout Related Quests

Listed below are the following Quests related to Hideout:

Phase 1:


Hideout Sub-Areas

  • Living Room


Hideout Enemies & Bosses

Listed below are the different encountered Enemies & Bosses in Hideout:

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Hideout NPCs & Characters

Listed below are the following NPCs and Characters who can be found in Hideout:


Hideout Notes and Tips

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