Inside Upside Down Reality is a Quest in Scarlet Nexus. After Naomi's unfortunate event of metamorphing into one of the Others, Yuito and the rest of the members of Seto Platoon has been called out for their next mission to eradicate the Others that are terrorizing Kunad Highway.



Inside Upside Down Reality Walkthrough


Tensions were high after being ambushed by Others at the Abandoned Subway: Suoh Line 9, as well as the unfortunate event of Naomi Randall's metamorphosis of turning into one of the Others after being shot by an unknown substance while saving her sister, Kasane. As Seto Platoon rests at the Hideout, orders from Major General Karen were issued for Seto Platoon to reach Kunad Highway and exterminate the Others sighted in the area. Yuito sets out to Kunad Highway who is accompanioed by Kagero and Hanabi.

Kunad Highway


When you're ready to start the quest, open the world map and choose Kunad Highway for the next location. Head straight towards the abandoned highway and you'll encounter the first group of enemies, a swarm of Scummy Pendu. Remember to use Rising Slash to inflict a large amount of damage and to stun them momentarily. Apart from the Scummy Pendu, there is also x2 Kitchen Rummy enemies. Keep going straight towards an instersection of the highway bridge to find x3 more Kitchen Rummy. On the right side of the bridge form the intersection, you can find an item, while on the left is x1 Light Jelly - keep going staright and you'll encounter another swarm of Scummy Pendu.


Before heading down the path on the right side, make sure to walk up to the dead-end ahead to find x1 Normalization Tablet on the right, and next to a wrecked van on the left is x3 Kunad Highway Environment C.


After grabbing the items head down the path on the right side from the main bridge where you'll come across a group of Kitchen Rummy, continue down the path and you'll encounter another group of Kitchen Rummy. Kill all the enemies and proceed to the marked objective that is being guarded by x2 more Kitchen Rummy and x2 Rat Rut. The Rat Rut has a very hard shell protecting its weak spot so use Psychokinesis to throw objects at its shell to break it. Upon its shell breaking, you can use SAS: Pyrokinesis to deal more damage while it is temporarily down - you can find Satori the Archivist ahead near the marked objective, you can also find x3 Kunad Highway Environment A near Satori's position.


Continue towards the bridge and just about midway there will be a group of Others that will spawn. You'll find a large oil truck on the left side of the bridge, look at it while maintaining your distance to prompt the button to use Psychokinesis to make it explode. Shortly after defeating the first group of enemies, a Brawn Yawn will also spawn here, look at the right side and you'll find another Oil Truck that you can destroy and make it explode - make sure to grab the All: Light Jelly that's on the right side at the dead end, next to the large vines before you head to the next section, the Junction.

Kunad Highway: Junction


Jump up onto the broken road and look to your right to find a resource cache, next to the tree branches of the cherry blossom trees, which cotnains x1 All: Light Jelly. Just a bit forward, there's another resource cache that holds x1 All: Normalization Tablet.


Continue further and you'll find a group of Kitchen Rummy on both sides of the bridge and infront of you is a bus, use Psychokinesis so that you can ride on top and control it to run over the enemies. You can instantly kill all of the Kitchen Rummy, but you won't be able to take out the Brawn Yawn that's on the right side of the bridge. Remember that you need to use SAS: Invisibility so that you can have it appear from underground and ambush it.


After defeating the Brawn Yawn, head towards the direction that leads to the marked objective. You can ride on a bus again using Psychokinesis to run over the Kitchen Rummy that's blocking the path ahead. Be prepared to take out another batch of Rat Rut enemies here and another Brawn Yawn - kill all the enemies in order to continue forward towards the parking Area where you'll find Satori the Archivist again to save your game or to shop.

Kunad Highway: Parking Area


Upon reaching the Parking Area, head straight towards the marked objective and a cutscene dialogue will trigger. Prepare to fight against Karen Travers, be aware of his lightning-based attacks since getting hit multiple times will cause the Shocked Status which immobilizes Yuito for a brief moment until the effect wears off. Apart from his lightning attacks, he fights in melee and can teleport around the battlefield. So make sure you are always aware and ready to dodge when he appears next to you and tries to attack. Just keep withstanding his attacks but eventually, you are bound to lose this first encounter to progress the quest.


Again, no matter how what you do you are suppose to lose this battle against him, once you've landed a couple of hits, he'll trigger his Brain Drive and at this point, there really is no way you can win against him. When your health reaches zero, a cutscene will trigger where Karen triggers a large explosion that separates everyone from each other. You'll gain conciousness shortly after, only this time, you're alone and you need to someone from your team/platoon - Satori the Archivist can be found nearby, save your game and use the shop if necessary.


When you're ready, continue further and you'll come across an enemy that looks like soldiers. These are the Seiran NDF, they move quite slow and use a heavy weapon and a ranged weapon, so you can quickly attack them from behind to take them out easily. Keep going straight and you'll encounter more NDF soldiers, eventually, you'll reach the area that's surrounded by nature and you'll find Nagi Karman - approach him and another cutscene will trigger.

Elite Enemy: Winery Chinery


During the cutscene a large Other enemy will appear, the Winery Chinery. As strong as it looks, Kasane Randall will find you and accompany you in battle. Avoid being infront of the Winery Chinery since it can shoot a spray-type attack. Aim for attacking its hind legs and also maintain your distance behind it to avoid getting hit by its long tail. Use Psychokinesis to throw objects at its hind legs and try to bait it near the Oil Truck. When it's near, use Psychokinesis to make the oil truck explode. The explosion from the truck will cause the large enemy to fall on the ground and beceoms immbile for a brief period - simply defeat the enemy to trigger another cutscene and you'll complete this quest and return to the Hideout, as well as entering the Standby Phase of Phase 3.


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