Kasane Randall

Psionic Power Psychokinesis
Service Record Status New Recruit
Weapon Specialization Throwing Knives

Kasane Randall in Scarlet Nexus is one of the playable characters and main protagonist of the game, as well as a Companion character. In Scarlet Nexus, players take control of Kasane Randall or Yuito Sumeragi, who are the new recruits of the Other Suppression Force or OSF, an elite force that is humanity’s last line of defense.


Who else is going to save them? This isn't a question about if we can do it. We have to.


Kasane OSF Record

  • Base HP: ???
  • Base Power: ???
  • Base Defense: ???
  • Military Rank: Elite Cadet
  • Psionic Ability: Psychokinesis (Gravity Control)
  • Weapon: Throwing Knives
  • OSF Division: 567th Class
  • ID: RRK567301
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: June 10
  • Height: 161cm


About Kasane Randall

Kasane Official Description

An elite soldier with superb fighting skills and power, she was scouted by the OSF and has graduated at the top of her class. Cool and confident, she is usually indifferent to people around her. She reveals her real kind self only to the ones she trusts

The hand-made hair ornament that Naomi gifted her is Kasane's most prized possession. She is frequently having strange dreams about "red strings". The meaning of those dreams is still a mystery to this day. Kasane Randall is a cool and pragmatic girl who acts indifferently to others but has an unparalleled sense of battle. She joined the Other Suppression Force after being scouted. She graduated OSF training at the top of her class.

Kasane lost her parents to an Other attack when she was younger. Subsequently, she was adopted by the Randall family. The Randall family operates the military contractor, Randall Industries. Her adoptive parents never treated her like a real daughter and disciplined her harshly. Kasane has a deep emotional attachment to her adopted sister Naomi Randall. She was the only one who showed her any kindness to Kasane grow.


Kasane Randall Gameplay

  • Kasane wields the Arrowloot Leaf. The Arrowroot Leaf is a knife Kasane has been using as a weapon since her days as a cadet. It has a collapsible design with a one-sided edge, making it easy and safe to wield.
  • Kasane Randall is armed with the talent of Psychokinesis. Unleash the power of his mind to lift, break, and throw pieces of your environment to build your attack combos and lay waste to your enemies.
  • It seems players will be able to unleash devastating finishers to completely kill a weakened or low-health enemy.
  • Drive System: By attacking or destroying enemies, your concentration increases, and you will enter a state of brain drive.  In this state, your attack speed and movement speed will increase, the Psychokinesis power will increase, the time it takes to use it will decrease, and you will be able to fight more rapidly.
  • Struggle Arms System (SAS): Struggle Arms System or SAS is a system that allows you to temporarily borrow the psychic abilities of your party members (Companions) by connecting your brain to theirs via a virtual cable. With this system, you can borrow psychic abilities Pyrokinesis, Duplication, Invisibility, Teleportation, Sclerokinesis, and more of your party members and activate them for a certain period. By combining it with weapons and Psychokinesis, a variety of battle tactics become possible. The SAS gauge is used, and it is effective as long as the gauge lasts.
  • Brain Field: Forbidden power comes with a price. The power of the brain to affect the outside world is increased to the utmost limit, and a special space is developed in which the user’s psychic ability is most advantageous. While the brain space is activated, the user cannot attack with weapons but can use powerful psychokinetic attacks without limit. On the other hand, because it draws out power beyond the limit, it places a heavy burden on the user, so there is a great risk involved in continuing to use it.


Kasane Randall Combat

  • Kasane's Fighting Style: Kasane fights using her power, "Psychokinesis" to attack with objects and by attacking with the multiple "Knives" she has equipped. She is good at using area of effect attacks when surrounded and fighting mid-air. 
  • Kasane Special Attack: Using y-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min, you can activate a Back-step Attack where Kasane makes a weapon attack while stepping back to a suitable distance. The psychokinesis gauge will recover greatly, so adding this to combos allows you to fight while sustaining the gauge. It can only be used once per combo, but learning other skills can increase the amount f times it can be used. 


Kasane Randall Notes & Tips

  • Other Notes, Tips, & Trivia
  • JP Voice Actor: Asami Seto


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