Kodama Melone

Affiliation OSF
Voice Actor (JP) TBC

Kodama Melone is an NPC in Scarlet Nexus. NPCs are characters who can be interacted with in your journey and also add contrast to the game's lore, where some NPCs provide information, grants unique quests, while others are categorized as Merchants or Blacksmiths whom you can trade with or request for certain services.




Kodama Melone Information


An energetic and eccentric platoon commander who likes to stand out. She behaves very roguishly, but is a shrewd person who also serves as an aide to First Regiment Commander, Fubuki Spring. She steadfastly follows orders from her superiors and will carry out even cruel actions with glee.

She used to be Shiden Ritter's commander but Kodama's mood swings and unreasonable handling of situations disgusted Shiden, leading him to request a transfer to Kyoka Platoon where he was subsequently stationed. Transfers aren't uncommon in the OSF, but Kodama is unhappy with Shiden for leaving of his own volition and holds a grudge against him.


Where to Find Kodama Melone

  • Information on how to find Kodama Melone will be added soon.


Kodama Melone Related Quests

Listed below are the following Quests related to Kodama Melone:

  • Quest 1
  • Quest 2
  • Quest 3


Kodama Melone Notes and tips

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