Kodama Melone (Boss)

Location Abandoned Subway: Suoh line 9Mizuhagawa District
Weakness N/A
Reward/s *Each battle yields different rewards

Kodama Melone (Boss) is a Boss in Scarlet Nexus. She is a highly skilled OSF combatant granted with the psycho-kinetic ability of Sonokinesis, and equipped with metal pipe. She is only  encountered as a boss when playing as Kasane. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards. You can find relevant information and guides on how to defeat Kodama Melone (Boss).


Kodama Melone (Boss) Location



Kodama Melone (Boss) Rewards

  • First Encounter: TBC
  • Second Encounter: 5,000 EXP
  • Third Encounter: 6,000 EXP (Defeating Kodama Melone), 6,000 EXP (Defeating Yuta Melone)



Kodama Melone (Boss) Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

First Encounter (Abandoned Subway: Suoh line 9, Phase 2)

Kodama mainly attacks with soundwaves emitted from the swinging her metallic pipe, which can be quite disruptive as the swing itself is a melee attack, and the soundwave travels for a long time before dissipating, dealing damage to units in its path and briefly nudging them back. While trading blows upfront, Kodama may damage the whole party with a shockwave sent out by smashing her pipe onto the ground. A skill that is fairly hard to evade, you may want to use SAS: Sclerokinesis to avoid damage, however, if you are gaining the upperhand with higher damage output, then you may also choose to save this SAS ability for later.

If struggling to approach Kodama in melee, utilize Psychokinesis attacks first to interrupt her attacks. With plenty of water barrels nearby, use Psychokinesis to throw the barrel at her, and as the barrel explodes, follow the prompt by holding (LT) to drench Kodama with water, applying the Soaked Status Ailment. While she is slowed down, use SAS: Electrokinesis to further stun her with the synergizing Shocked Status Ailment. This should keep Kodama stunned for a significant period of time, allowing for the player to reduce her health bar Arrowloot Leaf combos, and depleting her Crush Gauge. As she attempts to gain range by running away, following up with a few more Psychokinesis attacks shall fully deplete her Crush Gauge, allowing for a Brain Crush attack. With less than 25% health left, repeat the above attack cycle once more to pin down Kodama, and finish her with a second Brain Crush. 


Second Encounter (Mizuhagawa District, Phase 7):

Kodama is encountered once again in Phase 7, in Mizuhagawa District, near a transport truck during an Other Suppression assignment Although Kodama will have an extra ability this time, Mimic, this battle is arguably easier than the last as Kasane is accompanied by more teammates, giving her access to a plethora of SAS powers.

Kodama will be wielding a metal pipe tipped with spikes this time, but in the initial phase, she will use soundwave and shockwave attacks identical to the first encounter. Evade her soundwaves with SAS: Velocity, performing Perfect Dodges when possible, and strike Kodama down with empowered Arrowloot Leaf melee combos with SAS: Electrokinesis. If time permits, throw a water barrel at her first using Psychokinesis, enabling the follow up Electrokinesis attacks to apply the Shocked Status Ailment.

At 70% health, Kodama will use a new ability, Mimic, transforming herself into a clone of Kasane for a short period of time. While in this form, she will have access to Kasane's Psychokinesis powers, frequently throwing nearby obstacles at you while kiting. To get past this, use SAS: Invisibility to approach her without being noticed, then perform a charged attack to deal great burst damage on her. As she returns to her orginial form, follow up with SAS: Velocity and SAS: Duplication to continue immense offensive pressure, keeping her pinned down and unloading damage on her. Continue staying on the offense with all available SAS abilities, and execute Brain Crushes when possible to achieve victory. 


Third Encounter (Mizuhagawa District, Phase 9):

In phase 9, Kodama is once again encountered, but this time she is paired up with her older twin sister, Yuta Melone. Throughout the battle, the team will switch back and forth between fighting the each sister, alternating when the health bar of the targeted one is reduced to a threshold, until both are defeated. While fighting each sister, the other one will become untargetable as she will simply run around and launching soundwaves with auto attacks, The twins seem to share identical powers, thus the strategy against them are going to be the same. 

In the beginning Kodama will be the main target. She will execute swinging attacks with her metal pipe to shoot out soundwaves just like before, so proceed to overwhelm her with SAS: Velocity and SAS: Electrokinesis. When her health has been reduced to around 70%, Yuta will step in to fight for her, switching the battle to a new target. 

When Yuta enters the fight, the two sisters will smash their canes onto the ground together, creating a huge shockwave. Jump up or use an aerial attack to evade the shockwave as it approaches you. Inflict damage upon her employing the same strategy used against Kodama, and if possible drop water barrels on her with Psychokinesis to stun her with following SAS: Electrokinesis attacks that apply the Shocked Status Ailment. If you find Kodama's idle soundwave attacks and Yuta's combined together too overwhelming, use SAS: Velocity to "slow down" everything to give yourself ample time to evade. You may also do this if attempting to revive a downed teammate. 

When your Brain Field gauge is fully charged, deploy your Brain Field to dominate the fight against Yuta and damage her as much as possible with rapid throws. Onnce Yuta's health reaches about 60%, Kodama will join in and the twins will perform the unison cane smash once more, sending out another shockwave. As you dodge the shockwave, a cutscene will play, featuring the two sisters pushing their pipes into the ground, then releasing a powerful sonic boom in ensemble, knocking down the team and inflicting heavy damage. Once the cutscene ends, you will find the whole party in low health with one or two still bleeding, so prioritize and heal everyone up with Medium Jellies, before going back into the fight. Sneak in using SAS: Invisibility to backstab Yuta, depleting her Crush Gauge, speeding up the fight with an early Brain Crush.

With Yuta's health reduced to less than 25%, the twins will automatically activate their own Brian Field. In this state, the two sisters will continuously spam series of soundwave attacks, which can be fairly hard to dodge. This is why it is important to have saved up SAS: Velocity right before using the earlier Brain Crush, as it will come in handy now to dodge all attacks. As SAS: Invisibility charges up again, use it to confuse the sisters on your location and stall the fight, as well as counter attacking with a backstab near the end of their Brain Field. 

Once the Brain Field ends, Kodama will automatically take on the fight for Yuta. Still at 80% health, chunking her down to low health can take a long time. To speed up the process, utilize SAS: Invisibility once again to land backstab, great reducing Kodama's Crush Gauge. Continue on by again pinning her down with a Psychokinesis water barrel throw and SAS: Electrokinesis attacks. Spam melee combos on her along with your team mates to completely empty her Crush Gauge, and execute Brain Crush. Since Yuta is already low on health, she will not fill in for Kodama anymore, so proceed to directly eliminate her now that she has little health left. 

Once Kodama is eliminated, the remaining Yuta at the verge of death will be an easy target to eliminate. Annihilate her using whatever SAS is available at the moment. 


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
First Encounter (Phase 2)
Soundwaves: Kodama swings her metal pipe, striking enemies at close range while emitting a wave of sonic energy that travels a long distance, damaging all units in its path.   Mobility, Dodge, Perfect Dodge, SAS: Sclerokinesis
Shockwave: Kodama jumps into the air then pounds the ground with her metal pipe as she lands, releasing a shockwave that damages all units inside its large radius. Aerial Attacks; SAS: Sclerokinesis
Second Encounter (Phase  7)
Mimic: Kodama transforms into her target, gaining their appearance and psycho-kinetic ability for a short period of time.  Psychokinesis; SAS: Invisibility; SAS: Velocity
Third Encounter (Phase 9)
Augmented Shockwave: Kodama and Yuta smash the ground with their metal pipes together, sending out a giant shockwave.  Aerial Attack; Jump
Sonic Boom: An unavoidable attack that only happens once, when Yuta's health is reduced to 60%. The two sisters plunge their metal pipes onto the ground, and release a loud echo together that turns into a devastating sonic boom, The entire team will be knocked down and heavily damaged, with some members left bleeding afterwards.  Quickly heal up with Medium Jellies, and heal members who are bleeding first. 
Brain Field: The two sisters bombard the arena with a barrage of soundwaves.  SAS: Invisibility; SAS: Velocity



Kodama Melone (Boss) Lore

An OSF member who was fellow ally, Shiden Ritter's previous commander, Kodama has stood in Kasane's way and challenged her in battle multiple times, for reasons mostly unknown. It is revealed that out of all the occasions in which she has inconvenienced Kasane and her team, some of them were done by her twin sister, Yuta Melone. It is revealed that they were working for New Himuka this whole time, attempting to carry out their secret plan of using the Others, who metamorphosed from humans, as a form of weapon. One such Other that was present at the time Kasane encountered the twins in Mizuhagawa District was Kasane's sister, Naomi Randall. This causes twins and Kasane's team breakout in an epic fight, with Kasane's team finally achieving victory with their superior SAS psycho-kinetic powers.

Kodama Melone (Boss) Notes & Trivia

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