Locations in Scarlet Nexus features the various areas that players can discover and explore. In Scarlet Nexus, players find themselves in a Brain Punk-futuristic Japanese setting and landscapes. The game's location is inspired by classic anime and western science fiction where deranged mutants inhabit the large environment. This page covers a list of the different locations that can be found in Scarlet Nexus.

See Walkthrough and Side Quests for a list of main and side activities.

Minimap & Location Map

The mini-map is displayed on the upper right of the screen. You can check your surroundings and the objective direction. You can turn it on or off in Options, opened with the options button from the main menu.  

Pressing the corresponding button opens the location map. Here you will be able to see more details of your current location than on the mini-map. The next objective will be displayed at the top of the location map. If you are lost, check the location map. 

There are 3 types of objective icons displayed on the map: 

  • main-story-objective-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide Main Sory Objectives
  • bond-episode-availability-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide Bond Episode Objectives
  • unaccepted-quests-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide Quests not yet accepted


World Map

You can open the world map with dpad-up-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min and travel to another location. 

  • You can't travel during battle.
  • Locations may be limited depending on the story progression.



Data Point & Resource Reading

There are locations where you can get items. 

  • Environmental data points: Obtain Other and environmental data. 
  • Resource reading: You won't know what the item is until you obtain it.

They can be claimed again after a certain amount of time passes but their locations will be randomized.


Hideout and Standby Phase

You can return to the Hideout whenever you want. Returning to the hideout will recover your HP. *You will not be able to return if location movement is limited. You can talk to your teammates in the hideout and give them gifts to strengthen your bond. The interval between the main story is called the standby phase. Standby phases always start at the hideout and you are free to move. If you want to progress in the main story, check out the table in the center of the hideout's living room.



Scarlet Nexus Locations

Suoh City Ryujin Ward


New Himuka Central District




Deserted Merchant City


Mizuhagawa District


The Phantom Capital Project




Site for Rest and Relaxation




A Place where People Meet



Kunad Highway


Abandoned Road Overrun by Nature


OSF Hospital


Essence of Cutting-Edge Medical Treatment


Old OSF Hospital


Ruins of Tragedy


Supernatural Life Research Facility


Concealed Atrocities


Hieno Mountain


Frozen Breath




Sanctuary Looking up at the Moon


Arahabaki Secure Site


Humanity's Wisdom




Stairway to the "One and Only" Future


Sumeragi Tomb


Tomb where the Founding Father Rests

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