Luka Travers

Health 718
Power 55
Attack 60
Defense 21
Pyscho-Kinetic Ability Teleportation
Weapon Specialization Hammer

Luka Travers is a Companion in Scarlet Nexus. Luka Travers can fight alongside either one of the game's Main Characters: Yuito Sumeragi or Kasane RandallLuka Travers harnesses the Pyscho-Kinetic AbilityTeleportation and specializes in wielding the weapon; Hammer. Companions play an integral role in Scarlet Nexus since they can combine their powers to unleash powerful, unique, and deadly attacks to take down their foes.


I may not look like it, but I have been on many OSF missions.


Luka Travers Information


While he is a gentle boy who could look like a girl, he has a brilliant brain to analyze various situations and make the right decisions calmly. In the OSF he has a lot of experience and a high ranking. He is also one of the elite "Septentrion" members like Fubuki who have superior powers. His older brother is also a praised member of the OSF. Together, they are known as the Travers brothers.

Due to the indifferences in effects from the growth suppression in the OSF, Luka's growth has stopped at a very young age, causing him to still have a very delicate body now. However, he looks up to tough and beautiful muscles, making him do daily muscle training and protein intakes in order to get closer to his ideal body type.

A kind, beautiful boy who is frequently mistaken for a girl. Betraying that appearance, however, he is a Septentrion Sixth Class, who uses his brilliant mind for sharp analysis and whos calm, adult personality makes him trustworthy. 

Everyone in the OSF knows that he is the younger brother of Septentrion First Class, Karen Travers. He respects his capable brother, but secretly worries about him because he is easily misunderstood. The anti-aging drugs have given him a slight frame, but he loves a body of powerful and beautiful muscle, so he can't do without his weight lifting and protein in his quest to achieve such an aesthetic.


How to Recruit Luka Travers

  • In the Demo, Luka Travers was featured as one of the companions.
  • In Yuito's playthrough, Luka automatically joins the party during the quest A Changed World and Creeping Unease in Phase 5.


Luka Travers Weapon Proficiency

Luka Travers specializes and is proficient in using the following Weapon/s:

  • Hammer


Luka Travers Notes and tips

  • Other Notes and Tips
  • JP Voice Actress: Chinatsu Akasaki
  • EN Voice Actor: Zach Aguilar




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