Musubi Codes in Scarlet Nexus are special passwords and a special feature that is tied to both the game and the Scarlet Nexus anime. Musubi Codes are given to Musubi at Musubi's in exchange for special rewards. In the game, Musubi can also provide the player with codes via Brain Messages, so it is a good practice to always check your messages to avoid missing out on these codes. Musubi's cafe becomes available from Phase 2 onwards. This page covers information on the various Codes in Scarlet Nexus.

How do I Find These Codes?

The Hidden Code Quest will be held in line with the Scarlet Nexus anime. In the game, Musubi sends messages to the player via Brain Message which means players will need to check messages from her to obtain these codes. But the highlight is the Scarlet Nexus anime, where players will need to watch the anime because each episode holds one hidden code.

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How do I Use These Codes?

Simple, when Musubi's becomes available from Phase 2 onwards, you can travel to the shop of Musubi via the World Map, and speak to her. Give her the code you've obtained and you'll be given a reward in exchange for the code.

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Scarlet Nexus Musubi Codes

  • Important Note: Codes and Passwords are Case Sensitive
  • 1000 kin currency icon scarlet nexus wiki guide
Password is given by Musubi via Brain Message. Open your Brain Messages to find it.
Such a liar
  • 1x Poster Vision [Yuito]
Episode 1
tell the truth
  • 1x Poster Vision [Hanabi]
Episode 2
  • 1x Poster Vision [Gemma]
  • 1x Special Mission Pay Bonus
  • Gemma Character Profile Details
Episode 3
  • 1x OSF Armband Vision [Septentrion]
  • Top Secret Investigation Profile update for main characters.
Episode 4
  • 1x Poster Vision [Luka]
Episode 5
  • 1x Poster Vision [Kasane]
  • 1x Combat Experience Assist
  • 1x Attack Damage Suppression*
Episode 6
  • 1x Poster Vision [Tsugumi]
Episode 7
October 4th
  • 1x Poster Vision [Arashi]
Episode 8
  • 1x Contraband Vision
  • 1x Bond Assist
  • 1x Crush Suppression*
Episode 9
  • 1x Poster Vision [Shiden]
Episode 10
government dogs
  • 1x Poster Vision [Kyoka]
Episode 11
  • 1x Poster Vision [Kagero]
  • 1x SAS Recovery Mk 3
  • 1x Plug-In Parallelization Program H
Episode 12
Save me
  • 1x Poster Vision [Group]
  • 1x Improved Bond Assist
  • 1x Improved Combat Experience Assist
  • 1x Plug-In Parallelization Program V
Episode 13


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