Nagi Karman (Boss)

Location Old OSF Hospital, Old Ward (Phase 7), Suoh City Ryujin Ward (Phase 9)
Weakness Weak against Melee attacks and Teleportation
Reward/s 10,000 EXP

Nagi Karman (Boss) is a Boss in Scarlet Nexus. Nagi Karman was originally an NPC, who later snapped and attacked his teammates due to memory loss caused by rehabilitation forced upon him by the government. He is only encountered as a Boss when playing as Yuito. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards. You can find relevant information and guides on how to defeat Nagi Karman (Boss).


Nagi Karman (Boss) Location



Nagi Karman (Boss) Rewards

  • 10,000 EXP



Nagi Karman (Boss) Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Nagi is encountered twice as a boss throughout the story. He is first fought against in the Old OSF Hospital in Phase 7 during "Where Lost Memories Lead".  He confronts Yuito for the second and final time at Suoh during "Eternal Vow, Eternal Bond" in Phase 9, this time with his powers augmented. 

Nagi is a former OSF solider and a specialist in unarmed combat. He is most notable for performing large, powerful wind attacks up close. He is especially strong in melee to mid range, where he can quickly dash around his enemies and execute wide melee movements that empowers air currents around him, damaging all units nearby. Take note that since many of Nagi's attacks are melee strikes followed by a powerful gust of wind, which forces away projectiles, as well as objects, that are thrown at him from range. As a result, players should reserve their Psychokinesis attacks for moments right after Nagi's completes his attacks, when the expanding wind wall has dissipated. 


First Encounter (Old OSF Hospital, Phase 7):

In the initial phase of the fight, Nagi will first kite away to bait Yuito into chasing him down. As he approaches terrain, he will turn around to quickly throw a group of wind Shurikens that spreads out in a cone shape, damaging and knocking enemies back. As Yuito closes in on him, he will perform fast, upward kicks to interrupt incoming melee attacks, causing Yuito become airborne with him, followed by a downward wind smash which knocks down enemies. To summarize, Nagi's attack pattern during Phase 1 is as  follows:

Run away > Wind Shurikens > Uppercut Kicks > Wind Smash.

Since Nagi often executes this pattern as a chain of melee attacks Yuito can get overwhelmed, unable to stop the onslaught until the combo is complete. Therefore, to counter Nagi at this phase is to adopt a "Do or Die" tactic - the player must be alert and look for openings during Nagi's pattern, and once Yuito successfully lands an attack in melee, stay in the offense by chaining combos to keep Nagi pinned down. A skill that synergizes optimally with this strategy is SAS: Teleportation - stay at range so that Nagi is forced to throw Shurikens, and once he stands there idly, or randomly casts a melee attack, teleport in right when his attack completes and chain melee combos on him. As he is pinned down and your Psychokinesis bar is charged up, hurl adjacent objects at him to continue to dominate the fight. 

At about 70% health, Nagi will deploy a smoke screen. Although this will buy him a few seconds to run away, it is a temporary distraction at best. Activate SAS: Clairvoyance to gain superior vision, which will enable you to see Nagi as a silhouette through the screen. At this stage, Nagi will once again stay back and spam singular wind Shurikens at you, in hopes to keep Yuito away. It will be difficult to directly run towards him as these Shurikens are very accurate and slightly track the target. Instead, hurl large objects at Nagi to momentarily shock him and close in steadily, then repeat until you finally reach him. He will repeat the same attack pattern until his health is reduced beyond half health.

At roughly 50% health (or below) phase 2 of the battle will begin. Nagi will suddenly perform his Tornado attack, which resembles his downward Wind Smash strike, but instead of an expanding gust of wind, it is followed by a large tornado that spins around him, knocking away any unit or objects nearby. Nagi will appear in a different outfit, where his head is hooded and his face covered by a mask. His Wind Shurikens will passively and steadily orbit around him, covering nearly the entire arena. All these AOE skills that extend out from Nagi himself makes Luka's teleportation SAS an even more effective counter. Whenever Nagi casts his tornado, he stays inside and remains stagnant for the entire duration. Simply dash in and chain combos in melee to knock him down. As he takes hits from you he will resort to his attack pattern from Phase 1 again. Blink away as he strikes, and blink back in to melee combo him. Rinse and repeat until he is defeated. 


Second Encounter (Suoh, Phase 9):

This battle is different from the first in multiple ways. First, if Yuito has a strong enough Team Bond with his platoon, his teammates will call to him from time to time, and when the player responds to the call (by pressing y-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min + b-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min), an Assault Vision of his teammates will take his place, executing a powerful attack combo. Secondly, this fight will be against an augmented version of Nagi, who will deploy new attack moves and display new powers such as brain field during the battle.

In the initial phase, Nagi will maintain the same melee attack pattern but will use it less than before, as they are partially replaced by a new ranged-attack which he will deploy frequently. With this attack Nagi will summon a barrage of wind Shurikens to levitate around himself, before throwing them at his target in rapid succession. These Shurikens are incredibly fast and accurate, and deal high spike damage, such that they can burst down Yuito at full health with 7 or less hits. They will even stun the target upon landing consecutive hits, easily leading to a quick death as the target will be unable to avoid the following Shurikens.

Nagi can be stopped during this attack if Yuito manages to close in and pin him down first with a chain of melee attacks. This can be achieved either with a will timed leap, a Perfect Dodge, or with SAS: Teleportation. During this fight, it also seems that Nagi has a tendency to stand still after gaining distance, and will only execute his melee wind combos if approached. If Yuito can land multiple Psychokinesis hits on Nagi before he winds up his wind Shurikens, Yuito will have an opportunity to charge at Nagi and maul him down with melee attacks. 

When Nagi is at around 70% health, phase 2 will begin with a cutscene featuring Nagi screaming in pain as he holds his head, before he releases a burst of strong wind at Yuito and his allies, chunking 30% of Yuito's health. In this form, Nagi will gain increased movement speed, and can perform a quick charge at Yuito he surrounds himself with wind, and occasionally hurl tornadoes. Keep moving and wait for Nagi to stand behind a lamp post or bus shelter, and use Psychokinesis attacks on him. As he throws Shurikens or attacks in melee, attempt to perform Perfect Dodges to counter burst Nagi. Attacking Nagi with a few more cycles of melee combos should deplete his Crush Gauge completely, allowing Yuito to burst his health down beyond 50%. 

Once Nagi's health is reduced beyond 50%, the final phase will begin, and Nagi will instantly enter his Brain Field state as he appears in his hooded form. Ironically, since Nagi is somewhat limited to throwing slow-moving Tornadoes in the brain field realm, he will not pose much of a threat so long as the player maintains movement by running to the side continuously. Do this until the brain field state ends, and be cautious of melee attacks from behind as Nagi deploys his smoke screen. Use SAS: Clairvoyance to see through it, and continue to stay on the offense and pressure with attacks. Time your Assualt Vision right when Nagi attacks as your teammates should be calling out to you more frequently in this phase. Keep up with pressure relentlessly to defeat Nagi. 


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
First Fight (Old OSF Hospital): Phase 2
Throw Wind Shurikens: Nagi throws a bunch of wind-powered Shurikens that expand outwards in a fan shape.  Maintain distance and move sideways when necessary; Psychokinesis; Luka's Teleportation SAS 
Uppercut Kick: Nagi performs a quick, upward kick to the target's head, throwing him/her up into the air. Attack right before his foot connects, or blink away using Luka's SAS: Teleportation.
Wind Smash: Nagi briefly jumps up before smashing the ground with a punch, creating a strong air current to expand around him. Jump up into the air to avoid, then counter with a downward swing. 
Smoke Screen: Nagi deploys a snoke screen to hide his traces and kites with Wind Shurikens from a distance. Tsugumi's SAS: Clairvoyance.
First Fight (Old OSF Hospital): Phase 2
Tornado: Nagi executes an empowered Wind Smash, twisting the air around him into a powerful Tornado that blocks off enemies, projectiles and objects.  Maintain distance right when he strikes the ground; Teleport through the Tornado and strike him in melee.
Orbiting Wind Shurikens: Nagi's Wind Shurikens passively orbit around him (anti-clockwise), dealing moderate sustained damage in a large radius.  Remain close to Nagi by literally sticking to him with the Teleportation SAS. The Shurikens should never hit you. 
Second Fight (Suoh): Phase 1
Shuriken Barrage: Nagi summons lethal wind Shurikens to levitate around him, then hurls them at the target rapidly and precisely, dealing high burst damage. SAS: Teleportation; Perfect Dodge, followed by melee attack combos.; Assault Vision.
Second Fight (Suoh): Phase 2
Tornado Throws: Nagi distorts the air current around him, summoning tornadoes and sending them at his target, knocking back objects, projectiles, and enemy units in its path.  Run to the side; side Dodges.



Nagi Karman (Boss) Lore

Nagi Karman was originally an ally NPC, and Yuito's best friend in the OSF. Following his capture by the government, he is revealed to have been rehabilitated, resulting in personality changes and memory loss that causes him to randomly snap, turning against his teammates violently. This has recurred several times, with one of them resulting in the death of Commander Seto. During "Where Lost Memories Lead" in Phase 7, Yuito and his Platoon once again set out to search for Nagi's stored memory data in the Old OSF Hospital facility. They encounter Nagi once again, unfortunately this time, not as old friends. The battle ends with Yuito being captured, but as Yuito wakes up he is rescued by the rest of the platoon, and escapes back to the hideout. 

During phase 9 in "Eternal Vow, Eternal Bond", Yuito and his platoon decides to confront the OSF directly in Suoh, as an attempt to gather intel from his brother, Kaito Sumeragi. As the team walks into the quiet, lifeless city, Nagi appears to stop them, claiming that he needs to "kill Yuito and take his brain". Nagi, with enhanced powers this time, posed an even more dangerous threat to the team. However, with the help from all of his allies, Yuito defeats Nagi, and Nagi finally dies from the exhaustion and brain damage he had suffered under the government's rehabilitation. 


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