Phantom Art: Monkey

Max Carry 99
Obtainable Weapon Kaen

Phantom Art: Monkey is a Phantom Art Material in Scarlet Nexus. Material Items in Scarlet Nexus are data acquired through exploration and battles against different types of Others. Phantom Art Materials are rare Materials that can only be obtained after the first playthrough of the game. These special Materials are used to exchange for the strongest Ultimate Weapons available in the game. (See also: New Game Plus, Weapons)




Phantom Art: Monkey Information

Exchange this item in order to obtain each character and Companion's Ultimate Weapon with an attack of level 70. 

Obtainable Weapon: Kaen
Max Carry: 99



How to get Phantom Art: Monkey

Phantom Art Materials are only obtainable after at least one full completion of the game. 


Phantom Art: Monkey Notes and tips

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