Research Facility Environment C

Data Subject Research Facility
Max Carry 99
Related Materials Research Facility Environment C
Research Facility Environment A
Research Facility Environment S

Research Facility Environment C is a Material in Scarlet Nexus. Material Items in Scarlet Nexus are data acquired through exploration and battles against different types of Others. This data varies in value and can be sold accordingly.


Environmental data collected from the Supernatural Life Research Facility that details information on the area's structures, atmospheric and geological composition, and the local flora and fauna. While not very valuable due to lack of in-depth information, it is useful as basic data.


Research Facility Environment C Information

Data Subject: Research Facility
Max Carry: 99


Related Materials


Where to Find Research Facility Environment C

  • This Material is found around the Research Facility


Research Facility Environment C Notes and tips

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  • Other Notes and Tips



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