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Location Suoh City Ryujin Ward
Weakness N/A
Reward/s N/A

Ronin is a Boss in Scarlet Nexus. Ronin is a future version of Yuito Suumeragi resulted from the current timeline if the Kunad Gate is left open  He is only encountered when playing as Kasane Randall. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards. You can find relevant information and guides on how to defeat Ronin.


Ronin Location

  • Suoh City Ryujin Ward: In the future during the year of 2070, 50 years from the present day in the story



Ronin Rewards

  • N/A



Ronin Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

A far stronger and faster version than the current Yuito, this Kasane cannot solely rely on her Aroowloot Leaf's superior range to gain the upperhand. When trading blows with Ronin in close range, he will often perform a lunging Aerial Attack to avoid your knives as you draw them in, and damage you with a brutal slash. When at range Ronin will also use Psychokinesis and hurl nearby crates towards you at high speed, which also causes bleeding. Furthermore, Ronin has no Crush Gauge, and is much tougher to burst down. Fortunately, this battle is programmed to be a brief encounter before Ronin and Kasane recognize each other, so you need only damage Ronin down to roughly 85% health for the fight to end with a cutscene. 

With the above setbacks in mind, Kasane should abuse the advantages of having her teammates present, and counter Ronin using SAS powers. When approaching him in melee, use SAS: Velocity to gain slip through his attacks. Counter with successive strikes using SAS: Electrokinesis at the same time.  When at range, maintain movement as Ronin will throw consecutive objects at you, often very quickly such that it is difficult to throw it back with Intercept. Stall until SAS powers reload and approach up close to deal damage when you have the advantage. Continue until Ronin's health is reduced to the threshold where the game will resume to the story with a cutscene. 


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Lunging Slashes: Ronin jumps leaps forward to perform a brutal slash with his katana, then follows up with more strikes as the target is knocked down.  SAS: Velocity + SAS: Electrokinesis; Dodge
 Psychokinesis: Ronin consecutively throws large objects found in terrain towards his target at high speed.  Maintain sideways movement; Dodge; SAS: Velocity



Ronin Lore

In the year of 2070 in Suoh, where Kasane and her team had unknowingly traveled to, they encounter Ronin, a future version of Yuito Sumeragi. After clashing with each other in battle, Kasane notices the Baki pouch hanging off Ronin's belt, and they recognized each other right away. It was then that Ronin revealed to them he has retired from the OSF, although he still has his powers, but has apparently lost his eyesight. As Ronin tells Kasane about her true powers, Gravikinesis, which is also the ability to travel through time, her teammates are teleported back to the year which they came from. Ronin goes on to reveal that only those with the Gravikinesis power can stay in the future indefinitely.

 As the two walk less open area to avoid Others, Ronin uncovers the truth behind the pseudo-blackhole he and Kasane had accidentally created 50 years ago - that the Kunad Gate was a result of Kasane's Gravikinesis resonating with Yuito's causing an rare anomaly. Every time Yuito uses his powers, the Kunad Gate would expand, absorbing matter around it. Ronin then orders Kasane to go back into the past to kill Yuito for the sake of saving the world, as that is the only way he knows of that could close the gate for good. Reluctant to carry such a ruthless mission, Ronin then proceeds to help Kasane travel back to 50 years ago by overwhelming her with shock - by charging into an Other and killing himself. 

Ronin Notes & Trivia

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Ronin Image Gallery

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