Rotunda Pagoda

Location Supernatural Life Research Facility
Weakness The Big Eyeball
Reward/s 2,000 EXP, Rotunda Pagoda Analysis, Key Card Number 0

Rotunda Pagoda is a Boss in Scarlet Nexus. It is an immobile, fruitless tree armored by a metal-plated shelter, with a large protruding eye in the middle like a cyclops. The Rotunda Pagoda only appears in Kasane Randall's story. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards. You can find relevant information and guides on how to defeat Rotunda Pagoda.


Rotunda Pagoda Location



Rotunda Pagoda Rewards

  • 2,000 EXP, Rotunda Pagoda Analysis, Key Card Number 0 



Rotunda Pagoda Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

The Rotunda Pagoda will periodically drop down a wall of metal plates to cover as protection, as if suited in full armor. While immune to damage in this state, it will spawn a swarm of Filler Pillers to attack the platoon. Filler Pillars are large, wasp-like Others that will intermittently fire a barrage of projectiles at their targets, and fly near you to drop their detachable abdomen, which will explode on impact, dealing AOE damage. As the numbers of these Filler Pillers can easily overwhelm you, use SAS: Invisibility to remain undetected, and take them down one by one with Psychokinesis attacks and melee combos. Note that when Filler Pillers are killed off, they drop to the floor, leaving behind an unexploded abdomen. When you notice several Filler Pillers flying next to each other, hurl one of the dropped abdomens at them to cause them to explode, eliminating the whole group. 

Once the Filler Pillers have all been cleared, the Rotunda Pagoda's armor will retract, opening up its body to attacks. While closing in to attack in melee, the Rotunda Pagoda will scan the surrounding ground with projected yellow circles. Stepping into any of these moving circles will trigger the Rotunda Pagoda to close off its body with the metal plated shield again. Use consecutive Aerial Attacks to stick to the Pagoda, targeting the circular bumps on its body, and specifically its large eyeball. If applicable, use Pyschokinesis to throw a Filler Piller abdomen at its eyeball to inflict burst damage. After a set period of time has passed, a red light will appear around the Pagoda, and its metal plate armor will slam back onto the ground, knocking back and damaging nearby units while protecting itself with immunity to damage. Filler Pillers will spawn once again, but as this cycle repeats, at approximately the third round, electrical fields will begin to cover the border of the arena in circles. These fields grow larger and larger each time the Pagoda suits itself up in armor again. Use SAS: Velocity and aerial maneuvers to avoid stepping into these fields, as staying in them will leave you stunned. 

Execute Brain Crush when its Crush Gauge has emptied, and repeat the above cycle to defeat the Rotunda Pagoda. 


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Summon: Filler Pillers: The Pagoda protects itself with a suit of metal plates, becoming immune to damage. It will simultaneously spawn a cluster of Filler Pillers, a group of wasp-like Others that can fire projectiles at range, and approach you in melee to drop their explosive abdomen onto you, dealing AOE damage. Psychokinesis, Arrowloot Leaf attacks at range; SAS: Invisibility; Throwing unexploded abdomens back at them. 
Projected Detectors: The Rotunda Pagoda retracts its metal plates, exposing its body to attacks. While in this state, it will project moving yellow circles onto the ground, scanning for nearby units. Its armor plates will close around it again if units are detected. SAS: Velocity; Staying up in the Pagoda's "face" with Aerial Attacks.
Electric Fields: The Rotunda Pagoda will deploy large electric fields around the arena along with its Filler Pillers during latter parts of the fight. Stepping into these fields will cause the target to become stunned.  SAS: Velocity; Aerial maneuvers, Dodges.
Iron Curtain: The Rotunda Pagoda drops its metal plates around itself, knocking back and damaging targets around it as it becomes immune to damage once again Run away when you notice the red-light around the Pagoda on pre-cast.



Rotunda Pagoda Lore

Kasane and her platoon encounter the Rotunda Pagoda in the Supernatural Life Research Facility's Experimental Lab: 0, during the quest "To Get Back What's Important" in phase 6, where Kasane was searching for her sister, Naomi Randall. The team notices a large control panel in the middle of the room built around a large tree, and that the door at the end of the room requires the number 0 key card. As Arashi attempts to open the door with this large control panel, its user interface disappears, and the tree's bumpy form, along with its cyclops eyeball, is revealed. Shocked, the team quickly hop away from this gigantic other, and are forced to go against it and the Filler Pillers it spawned in an abrupt battle. As the team finally takedown the Rotunda Pagoda, they were rewarded with the number 0 key card, allowing them to progress through the facility.


Rotunda Pagoda Notes & Trivia

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