SAS: Sclerokinesis

Companion Gemma Garrison
Effect Hardens your body, strengthens your defense, and making it difficult for enemies to hit you.

SAS: Sclerokinesis is a Struggle Arms System (SAS) Ability in Scarlet Nexus. SAS: Sclerokinesis is an ability that becomes available when you have Gemma Garrison at Yuito's party. In Scarlet Nexus, is a combat mechanic of the game that allows the player to unleash unique Psycho-Kinetic Abilities. Struggle Arms System or SAS is a system that allows you to temporarily borrow the psychic abilities of your party members by connecting your brain to theirs via a virtual cable.



SAS: Sclerokinesis Information

Struggle Arms System (SAS) is a brain-to-brain connection with a virtual cable that allows you to temporarily use your Companions' powers. The SAS menu is displayed in the lower right of the screen during battle. Pressing the corresponding mapped buttons will activate the SAS in that slot.

  • Related Companion: Gemma Garrison
  • Effect: By borrowing Sclerokinesis, you harden your entire body and render enemy attacks ineffective. The effective time shortens with the number of enemy attacks. Use it when there are no means to escape the enemy's attack. Additional effects will be added as you strengthen your bond with Gemma.


SAS: Sclerokinesis Upgrades

By strengthening your bond with Gemma Garrison through completing Bond Episodes, you can increase the level of SAS: Sclerokinesis and unlock permanent buffs and effects for this ability. By default, all companions start with Level 1, and completing the companion's related bond episode will increase the SAS level.

Level 1: Sclerokinesis

  • While the SAS is active, you harden yourself and become immune to damage. The effect time lessens each time you're attacked.

Level 2: Increases SAS Recovery Speed & Guard Vision

  • Increases the recovery speed of the SAS Sclerokinesis gauge.
  • Also, when you are attacked, there is a chance for a Vision of Gemma to appear and block the attack, negating the damage.

Level 3: Status Ailment Negation & Combo Vision

  • You are immune to status ailments while SAS is active.
  • Using the corresponding buttons enables a Combo Vision in which Gemma performs an attack that breaks shells.

Level 4: Assault Vision

  • Attack an unguarded enemy and Gemma will call out. Answer him by pressing the corresponding buttons and he will appear as a Vision and perform a special attack.

Level 5: Prolong SAS Effect

  • SAS: Sclerokinesis effect time increases.

Level 6: Automatic Sclerokinesis

  • When you are attacked, there is a chance for the SAS: Sclerokinesis effect to automatically activate for a moment. The chance for automatic activation increases when Gemma is in the party.


SAS: Sclerokinesis Notes and tips

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