Satori the Archivist

Affiliation OSF
Voice Actor (JP) n/a

Satori the Archivist is an NPC and Merchant in Scarlet Nexus. NPCs are characters who can be interacted with in your journey and also add contrast to the game's lore, where some NPCs provide information, grants unique quests, while others are categorized as Merchants or Blacksmiths whom you can trade with or request for certain services.


I am air, and shadow... Read the Brain Message carefully for details.


Satori the Archivist Information


Satori the Archivist makes a first appearance in Suoh City. As the game progresses, you'll find him across sections of the different Locations of the game. He wears a fully covered Yellow and Black OSF suit that identifies him to be a support cadet within the OSF. He is mainly the person you speak to when you want to save your game, replenish your HP, and to even check the shop to purchase Items, Weapons, and Plug-in items. You can also sell your Materials to Satori in exchange for Kin. Kin is the currency or money used in the game.


Satori the Archivist Shop Inventory

Satori's list of items sold in the shop becomes updated over time as you progress the game. Make sure to always read the Brain Messages sent by Satori and chek the shop when you can during Phases of the game an in between a Standby Phase.

Item Item Type Purchase Value
Light Jelly Battle Item 100 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
All: Light Jelly Battle Item 250 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Medium Jelly Battle Item 300 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
All: Medium Jelly Battle Item 900 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Max Jelly Battle Item 1000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
All: Max Jelly Battle Item 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Normalization Tablet Battle Item 200 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
All: Normalization Tablet Battle Item 600 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Myoho Muramasa Weapon 200 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Munechika Mikazuki Weapon 600 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Tsunetsugu Juzumaru Weapon 2000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Prometues Torch Type 1 Weapon 200 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Prometues Torch Type 2 Weapon 600 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Prometues Torch Type 4 Weapon 2000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Lily Bell M20-1 Weapon 200 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Lily Bell M20-2 Weapon 600 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Lily Bell M20-4 Weapon 2000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Gauntlets: Peerless Adam. T1 Weapon 200 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Gauntlets: Peerless Adam. T2 Weapon 600 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Gauntlets: Peerless Adam. T4 Weapon 2000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Weight Hammer V1 Weapon 200 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Weight Hammer V2 Weapon 600 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Weight Hammer V4 Weapon 2000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Forcefield: Mk I Plug-in 200 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Forcefield: Mk II Plug-in 400 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Forcefield: Mk III Plug-in 700 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Forcefield: Mk IV Plug-in 1000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Forcefield: Mk V Plug-in 1500 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Power Enhance: Mk I Plug-in 200 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Power Enhance: Mk II Plug-in 400 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Power Enhance: Mk III Plug-in 700 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Power Enhance: Mk IV Plug-in 1000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Power Enhance: Mk V Plug-in 1500 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Health Boost: Mk I Plug-in 200 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Health Boost: Mk II Plug-in 400 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Health Boost: Mk III Plug-in 700 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Health Boost: Mk IV Plug-in 1000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Health Boost: Mk V Plug-in 1500 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Fire-Proof Barrier: Generic Plug-in 1000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Electric-Proof Barrier: Generic Plug-in 1000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Oil-Proof Coating: Generic Plug-in 1000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Water-Proof Coating: Generic Plug-in 1000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Confusion Ward: Generic Plug-in 1000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Enhance Burn Plug-in 2000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Enhance Shock Plug-in 2000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Enhance Crush Plug-in 2000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Brain Drive Accelerate Plug-in 2000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Evasion Ability Enhance Plug-in 2000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Evasion Ability Enhance Plug-in 4000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Emergency Invulenrability Field Plug-in 4000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Health Total Status Up Plug-in 15000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Emergency Limit Break Plug-in 15000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Body Enhance: Attack Plug-in 4000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Body Enhance: Evade Plug-in 4000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
SAS Recovery Support Mk 2 Plug-in 5000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Sunglasses [Black] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Cyber Goggles [Black] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Cutesy Goggles [Red] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Wide Goggles [Black] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Inari Goggles [Black] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Light Shield Goggles [Black] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Cat Ear Head [Black] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Bunny Ear Device [White] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Buuny Ear Mask (Head) [White] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Inari Goggles (Head) [Black] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Light Shield Goggles (Head) [Black] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Ogre Horn [Black] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Dual Ogre Horn [Black] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Tinfoil Hat [Silver] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Gas Mask [Black] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Inari Mask [Black] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Visor Gas Mask [Black] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Bunny Ear Mask [White] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Full-Face Mask [Black] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Heart Protector [Black] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Feather Cape [Black] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
OSF Standard Issue Pack [Black] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Feather Wing [Black] Visual 6000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Side Pack [Black] Visual 6000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Pretty Body Ribbon [Red] Visual 6000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Feather Tail [Black] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Animal Tail [Black] Visual 6000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Animal Paw [Black] Visual 6000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Feather Foot Guard [Black] Visual 3000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Ankle Ribbon [Red] Visual 6000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide
Animal Foot [Black] Visual 6000 kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide


Where to Find Satori the Archivist


Satori the Archivist Related Quests

Listed below are the following Quests related to Satori the Archivist:


Satori the Archivist Notes and tips

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