Shiden Ritter

Health 750
Power 57
Attack 53
Defense 24
Pyscho-Kinetic Ability Electrokinesis
Weapon Specialization Batons

Shiden Ritter is a Companion in Scarlet Nexus. Shiden Ritter can fight alongside either one of the game's Main Characters: Yuito Sumeragi or Kasane RandallShiden Ritter harnesses the Pyscho-Kinetic AbilityElectrokinesis and specializes in wielding the weapon; Batons. Companions play an integral role in Scarlet Nexus since they can combine their powers to unleash powerful, unique, and deadly attacks to take down their foes.


I don't plan on being your friend.


Shiden Ritter Information


Shiden's transfer to this new platoon, where he teamed up with Kasane, was caused by his sharp tongue and attitude. This complicated relationship with his old commander.

His sense of pride and his high strict nature can make him a troublesome teammate to have - that is until you prove your strength to him. On the other hand, he does not shy away from complimenting people with strong powers such as the Septentrion.

An elite OSF member from Seiran. He is proud and strict with other people. His pessimistic nature gives him a sharp tongue, However, since joining the OSF, his performance in battle has made up for his bad attitude. 

Shiden's family is full of loving, mild-tempered people, so the reason for his personality might be something else. He has a tendency to openly acknowledge people with higher abilities than him, and he looks up to the Septentrions. He especially respects Seto Narukami, who has the same power as he does.


How to Recruit Shiden Ritter

  • In the Demo, Shiden Ritter was featured as one of the companions.
  • In Yuito's playthrough, Shiden automatically joins the party during the quest Days of Disquieting Stagnation in Phase 2.


Shiden Ritter Weapon Proficiency

Shiden Ritter specializes and is proficient in using the following Weapon/s:

  • Batons


Shiden Ritter Notes and tips

  • Other Notes and Tips
  • JP Voice Actress: Kengo Kawanishi



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