Stats in Scarlet Nexus refers to the numerical values that define the strengths and capabilities of the player's character. Stats are determined by your player level and equipment that are worn, this page covers a list of the different stats and attributes in Scarlet Nexus.


Scarlet Nexus Stats

Psychokinesis Gauge

The Psionic Bar is indicated as the purple status bar above the character's red health bar. This measure's the characters available power and ability to interact with objects using their current available powers such as telekinesis. These items will have the control icon shown on it to indicate its intractability. Players can then use controllable surrounding objects to damage the enemy. 

*The psychokinesis gauge will recover over time but weapon attacks will restore the gauge a little bit. Special attacks will restore it a lot more.


HP Bar

Health is measured and indicated by the red HP bars on the bottom of the screen. This also has a number indication to show how much health a character has exactly. This HP bar shows how much damage each character can take before dying. A character companion's health bars will also be available on either side of the main character's Health and Psionic Bar. 


Brain Points (BP)

You gain Brain Points (BP) when you level up. You can learn various skills by spending BP on the brain map screen in the menu.


EXP is gained through combat against enemies. Upon the defeat of an enemy, a notification will indicate how much EXP a player has received. This indicates the speed in which characters can level up in game. This status can be checked on at any time from the Party menu. A character EXP will be indicated as the blue bar below the character level on the info box. This will also indicate how much left is needed to reach the next level. 

EXP Bonus

While brain drive is active, active actions like executing brain crushes, psychokinesis follow-up attacks, and perfect dodges will increase an EXP bonus. Defeating enemies will further increase the EXP in relation to the bonus value from these actions.


Brain Drive Gauge

The brain drive gauge fills up by performing actions such as defeating enemies or receiving damage, and will activate automatically when completely filled. This puts players in a state of increased focus with temporary buffs such as increased attack, movement, and psychokinesis speed. The Brain Drive Gauge is shown as the purple meter directly to the right of HP bar and Psychokinesis gauge. 



Allies Stats

HP Bar

Just like the main character's HP bar, a companions HP bar indicates the amount of damage a character can take before he or she is defeated. These are shown on either side of the main character's HP bar shown in red and as more specific number stat on the bottom right corner. 


SAS Gauge

SAS is a brain-to-brain connection that allows players to temporarily use allies' powers. The SAS menu is located on the lower right of the screen during combat. When these connections are activated, it will be indicated by the virtual red connections attached to the main character from behind. If you use battle member's power through SAS, there will be a bonus added to the duration and SAS gauge recovery speed.

Bond Level

Bond levels are measured between characters. These help with combat and story. The available characters and companions will be available at the hideout, which will be a main base area. Here, player's can check their Team bond levels and initiate Bond Episodes by speaking to different characters to increase your bond level. 

Deepen the bond with your allies by progressing bond episode, fighting with them, and giving gifts (after standby phase 2). After doing so, you bond level with them will increase when you speak to them at the hideout. 

As the bond level with your allies increases, SAS effects are added and they will perform support actions on you such as healing and reviving more regularly. 



Enemy Stats

Crush Gauge

The Crush Gauge is located below an enemy's Health Gauge in yellow while engaging in combat. Clear this meter to initiate Brain Crush, indicated by an icon. Brain Crush allows players to focus on the enemy weak point and defeats it in one hit. The Crush Gauge can be reduced greatly with rush follow-up attacks and psychokinesis follow-up attacks. The crush gauge also has the ability to recover over time. 

Health Gauge

The health gauge is indicated as the red meter directly below the enemy level and type. The Health Gauge is also known as the Health or HP bar of the enemy. This indicates the amount of damage that is required before the enemy is defeated. 

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