Status Effects in Scarlet Nexus features information on the various elemental effects and status ailments that can be inflicted against both enemies and players. Status Effects are categorized in Beneficial Status Effects and Status Ailments. Beneficial Status Effects provide buffs, while Status Ailments causes negative effects to both an enemy or hero. This page covers a list of all the Status Effects in the game.


Scarlet Nexus Status Effects

Status Ailments



Status Ailment: Burning

Enough fire damage will inflict burned status. Additional damage is taken until status is removed.

Status Ailment: Oil

Enough oil damage will inflict the oiled status. You can lose your footing and will become unable to use b-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min. It will be easier to become burned when attacked by fire during oiled status. 

Status Ailment: Shocked

Enough electricity damage will inflict the shocked status. Affected characters are knocked down and temporarily immobilized.

Status Ailment: Soaked

Enough water damage will inflict soaked status. You can lose your footing and will become unable to use b-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min. It will be easier to become shocked when attacked by electricity during soaked status. 

Status Ailment: 

Enough attacks that can damage the brain will inflict confused status. You will lose control and will not be able to lock-on or use SAS.

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