Character Luka Travers
Effect Grants the power to jump or teleport in short distances.

Teleportation is a Psycho-Kinetic Ability in Scarlet Nexus. Teleportation is an ability exclusive to Luka Travers. In Scarlet Nexus, Yuito Sumeragi or Kasane Randall can temporarily borrow the psychic abilities of their companion through the Struggle Arms System (SAS) for a certain period of time.



Teleportation Information

  • Related Character: Luka Travers
  • Effect: Grants the power to jump or teleport in short distances.


SAS: Teleportation

Struggle Arms System (SAS) is a brain-to-brain connection with a virtual cable that allows you to temporarily use your Companions' powers. The SAS menu is displayed in the lower right of the screen during battle. Pressing the corresponding mapped buttons will activate the SAS in that slot.

SAS: Teleportation

  • By borrowing the Teleportation power, pressing the corresponding button for steps becomes teleportation moves, allowing you to attack dangerous close-range enemies with quick strikes before retreating to a safe distance. Additionally, performing a weapon attack while in range of a target teleports you next to the enemy for a slash attack. It also allows you to move through walls. Additional effects will be added as you strengthen your bond with Luka.


Teleportation Notes and tips

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