The Point of No Return is a Quest in Scarlet Nexus. "A glimpse of the future 50 years from now and she is entrusted with the "assassination of Yuito." Still without an answer, Kasane heads to Suoh, where a state of emergency has been declared, to look for Karen. This quest features the events that go down after Kasane travels back to present time. Having had a glimpse of the world's future destruction, Kasane and her platoon returns to Suoh to gather more information. As the city's main power shuts off, the team encounters Seiran NDFs, and receive news of segregation between members of the OSF who support the Seiran Rebellion, and those resisting against it. Amidst the progressive chaos, Kasane tracks down Kagero, who disappeared during a fight, and is eventually runs into Yuito. Following the future Yuito's request to assassinate his past self, Kasane and Yuito battle each other once again.


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The Point of No Return Walkthrough

Back at the Hideout, Kasane picks up Seto's treasured fountain pen on the table top. She rests to replenish energy, and give her teammates time to determine their next course of action. Kyoka and the rest of the decide to return to Suoh to observe the situation. Upon their arrival, they realize the city is in an abandoned state, with nobody in sight. They receive a telepathic message from Haruka, who reveals that the OSF soldiers are fighting against each other, probably due to those who were following Karen taking part in the Seiran Rebellion against Suoh. Haruka also alerts them to stay cautious, as the communication system has been shutdown, so Haruka can only communicate with them via telepathy, but they will not be able to answer, nor call out to her for support.

Suoh City Ryujin Ward - Back from the Future


As you come face to face with a small group of Kitchen Rummies and Rat Ruts following the cutscene, simply follow the pop-up tutorial to use multiple SAS abilities simultaneously to take them down. The story will continue to show the sudden disappearance of Kagero, who, according to Kasane, cloaked himself in invisibility to run off towards the OSF HQ while the platoon was dealing with the Others. Arashi believes that he is up to something suspicious, and is running away from the group possibly because he is secretly on Karen's side. Regardless, the platoon decide to head towards the OSF HQ to track him down. Once the game resumes, follow the objective marker on the map, towards the OSF HQ direction. You shall encounter grey armored Seiran NDFs on the way, who, similar to the Suoh NDFs are rather immobile and merely fire at you with sub-machine guns. Activate SAS: Velocity in conjunction with any other SAS ability of your choice to evade past their shots while striking them down. Following that, you will go into another skirmish against Marabou Pendus and Rat Ruts. Use Psychokinesis and SAS: Electrokinesis to attack from range and pin them down to swiftly defeat them. Continue to progress towards the objective marker and a cutscene will trigger, featuring Suoh City's computer Arahabaki abruptly shutting down, causeing everything to lose power. The platoon will then encounter a Councilor along with a Suoh NDF, talking about the Others experiment. As Kasane interrogates the Councilor about the experiments, the Soldier responds by asking if the platoon is part of the Seiran Rebels who ambushed other councilors, as well as Chairman Joe Sumeragi. Kasane then runs towards the OSF HQ as she recalls of the events the future Yuito has told her, and tells her platoon to hold the councilor and NDF solider back, since they know about the New Himuka experiment regarding turning humans into Others.

Once out of the cutscene, take down the new group of Seiran NDFs as per the previous encounter. Run straight into the objective marker to play the cutscene showing Kagero standing in front of Chairman Joe Sumeragi, who is helplessly lying on the floor, mortally wounded. Kagero promptly turns invisible again as he drops his dagger next to the wounded Chairman, and proceeds to flee the scene. As Kasane is examining the barely conscious Chairman's wounds. As she picks up the dagger to further investigate the scene, Yuito spots her from behind, and runs towards his father, concerned for his life. Kasane quickly stops Yuito and throws him back, in an attempt to start a fight with him so that she can carry through with the assassination. 

Boss Battle - Yuito Sumeragi


As per the first encounter, abuse the range on Kasane's Arrowloot Leaf, and pin Yuito back with the melee spin attack combo. While adopting this strategy, bare in mind that he will occasionally run in to land a flurry of slashes as Kasane pulls back the Arrowloot Leaves. When noticing Yuito running in, dodge back and use Psychokinesis to knock him back and inflict damage. 

When Yuito is at approximately 80% health, a cutscene will play, revealing Kasane's thoughts,  who noticed that her damage is not high enough to eliminate Yuito in such short period of time. A prompt will appear, instructing you to press down on both the (RS) and (LS) at the same time. Follow the prompt to activate Kasane's Brain Field for the first time. In this state, a number of large objects will suddenly levitate around Kasane, allowing her to freely spam Psychokinesis throws at Yuito, while disabling his Psychokinesis at the same time. Land as many throws as you can during this period, and run away if Yuito ever approaches you in melee. When the Brain Field Convergence tutorial pops up along with Arashi's prompt, follow the instruction and hold down (RS) and (LS) again to disable Brain Field. Failing to close Brain Field on time will lead to game over. 

Once you exit the Brain Field, the next cutscene will play, automatically ending this battle. After overwhelming Yuito in battle, Kasane is prepared to eliminate Yuito from the timeline once and for all. However, her momentary resolve is stopped by the sudden emergency announcement conducted by Karen Travers, who publicly broadcasted his Seiran Rebellions to all citizens of New Himuka, via the Psynet and all public medias. As both platoons come to a halt, Kasane and her teammates fled the scene, leaving Yuito's party with nothing but questions. Once Kasane's team has successfully escaped, she inquires Kagero of the reason behind his assassination of Chairman Joe Sumeragi. Kagero explains that his true identity is a hired assassin, and that the mission of eliminating the chairman was tasked to him. He had originally intended to frame another person for the crime, however Kasane conveniently took the bait. As the group retreated to Vision City, Major General Karen Travers appeared in front of the team. He reveals that the OSF, in their attempts to boost psionic powers, discovered substances that could enhance human into other living beings through metamorphosis. These inhumane bioweapons were the culprit to Naomi Randall's unfortunate fate. Karen also acknowledges that Kagero was not working for him, and must have had ulterior motives to join the OSF then kill the chairman, but states that he will not interfere so long as Kagero does not stand in his way. Karen invites the platoon members to join him in Seiran, and out of desperation to save her sister, Kasane agrees. The team temporarily plans on meeting Karen again in Seiran, however they travel to the Hideout first to regather themselves and strategize their next course of action.


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