They Speak of the Hidden Past is a Quest in Scarlet Nexus. Kasane wants to save Naomi, but she begins to have suspicions about Karen and decides to head to Togetsu in search of new information after receiving advice from Kyoka.



They Speak of the Hidden Past Walkthrough

Kasane wants to save Naomi, but she begins to have suspicions about Karen and decides to head to Togetsu in search of new information after receiving advice from Kyoka.

Hieno Mountain

The team must make their way through Hieno Mountain to reach Togetsu and investigate the are for more information on the cargo. On the way to Togetsu, there will be a few Others and enemies on the way. Follow the cut mountain path or follow the location objective marker on the top right minimap. Clear Enemies along the way. Beware of the Session Pound. Either avoid them or clear them quickly as they explode and deal damage at a large radius. They might also have the ability to make you catch on fire so be sure to avoid their explosions.Clear your path of any ice blocks as well. You may encounter a few Rainy Rummy Others along the way as well. Continue down the long path and clear the Juttie Chinery when it is encountered. Once you start approaching the structure, a cutscene will begin and a Coil Moil will appear. Defeat the Coil Moil to get through and continue the dialogue. 


Boss Battle: Coil Moil


Coil Moil
  • Frost Armor Form: The battle will begin with the Coil Moil in its Frost Armor form. Although the armor limits its mobility, the Coil Moil will be granted the ability to execute ice attacks, such as firing barrages of  Ice Boulders from its head, and performing a smash that summons ice pillars to penetrate through the ground. Furthermore, it will be immune to all forms of damage, until Yuito and his teammates land enough attacks to destroy the thick layer of frost hide.  
  • To counter the Coil Moil in this state, Yuito should move sideways to avoid the incoming shots of Ice Boulders, and run up to it in melee to spam a series of combo attacks. Continue to bombard with attacks unless you notice the Coil Moil lift its arms, in which case quickly run out of range. This will allow you to avoid the smash attack, and the following large ice pillars piercing out of the floor. It is recommended for players to save up their SAS: Pyrokinesis for this form, as the fire damage from this power will enable Yuito to cut down the Frost Armor much quicker. Once the armor breaks, the Coil Moil will be exposed in its Unarmored Form, and will instantly fall to the ground from the sudden impact. Take advantage of its vulnerable position and chain as many attacks onto its weak spot - the bulbs on its back - to deal maximum damage and fill up the Crush Gauge. If you manage to break the Frost Armor before SAS: Pyrokinesis times out, this should allow Yuito to attack its weak spot with the blade ignited, further optimizing damage. 
  • Retain SAS: Pyrokinesis for quickly destroying the Coil Moil's Frost Armor and attack its back and underside in melee whenever it is in its unarmored state. Filling up the Crush Gauge can greatly speed up the fight as it can chunk roughly 20-25% of its health in one hit. Maintain mobility to avoid most of the Coil Moil's onslaught and keep pressure with Psychokinesis from time to time. 

For a detailed guide on how to defeat the Coil Moil, visit the strategy page here.

Before reaching Togetsu, Kagero will leave. Continue through the narrow passage. Save at the next check point with Satori the Archivist.


Hieno Mountain: Togetsu


The Togetsu faithful will greet Kasane especially and she will be informed that she is from Togetsu. Kasane will start to ask questions about the human brains but they are only willing to speak to Kasane. Kyoka lookalikes will tart to take her team away one by one and they will put Kasane to sleep.

Kasane will then start to dream of her time in Togetsu. She will also witness her mother's death and realize she was also an artificially created psionic that they were trying to provoke in order to gain control of her powers and be able to trigger it on command. She will watch her mother die just before she wakes up. She will soon wake up in a room where she will find Kagero and he will tell her that Yuito has arrived as well. Kasane and Kagero will use their SAS: Invisibility to wander Togetsu. Kagero will eventually locate Yuito.

Kasane will manage to form a brain connection with Yuito and will yell at him to cut the connection. Shortly after, the alarms will go off and they will be forced to leave. Escape the area. follow the direction of the location marker by taking the paths to the right. Kasane, Arashi and Shiden will soon be reunited. Escape the area together. Continue to follow the location marker to find your way back ou tot Hieno Mountain. Once you reach the open area, a cutsne will begin and they will encounter Kyoka again. Kyoka will follow and attack at first, You will need to fully deplete Kyoka's HP bar before Kyoka Eden (Boss) returns to her real self.


Boss Battle: Kyoka Eden


Kyoka Eden (Boss)
  • Kyoka has the power to periodically spawn another clone of herself, duplicating all her attacks for a short duration. Therefore, she is especially skilled at releasing blitz of long-range bolts at foes with the double crossbows that she wields. Consequently, however, she is often pigeon-holed into remaining rather stagnant during combat, relying on positioning to fire barrages of arrows from afar, while lacking mobility which leaves her vulnerable to close-up damage.  counter with a backstab, and pin her down by following up with a swarm of SAS: Electrokinesis attack. Proceed to spam combos over her immobilized body as she is stunned, and enter Brain Field when the prompt appears. Make sure to run sideways continuously as Kyoka, her dual clones, and vision's ranged attacks can stack up in damage. Hurl Psychokinesis attacks at her simultaneously, and continue to dominate the fight with Electrokinesis strikes afterward to defeat Kyoka. 

For more Kyoke Eden Boss Fight Strategies, visit her page here.


Hieno Mountain

She will continue to fight with her own memories to return to herself. She will reveal that she is a secret spy from Togetsu sent to protect Kasane. She will also reveal that she has the form and memories of Dr. Himoyo Pope and one of the design children clones. They will soon come into contact with Yuito Platoon to exchange intel. They will meet halfway up Hieno Mountain. Continue down the path to locate Yuito Platoon. Clear the Enemies on the way. The minimap will display how far you are from the objective, where Yuito platoon is. 

They will finally get a chance to form a new plan and will decide to send Yuito to New Himuka while Kasane and the team will try to explain the situation to Seiron. This will take them into the next Standby Phase at the Hideout.


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