Trusting the Path to the Future (Mizuhagawa District) is a Quest in Scarlet Nexus. Yuito's platoon undertakes their mission in the abandoned city of Kikuchiba with support from Wataru Frazer, Seto Platoon's operator. They arrive first at the objective point, but a major Other suddenly appears. They defeat the Other with Seto's help, and Yuito becomes the focus of the media drones' attention. Yuito and Hanabi return to Suoh City to take on their next mission.



Trusting the Path to the Future (Mizuhagawa District) Walkthrough


Yuito and Hanabi were able to withstand and defeat an elite Other at the shopping district of Kikuchiba. The Seto Platoon returns to Suoh City Ryujin Ward where they regroup with Kyoka Eden's platoon and await their next orders from the OSF's HQ.

Suoh City Ryujin Ward


Upon regaining control of Yuito, you'll find yourself back at Suoh City, your goal is to head to the OSF Training Facility to obtain your next mission. But before doing so, you may want to go around the area first and collect the items that are marked on the mini-map. It's easier for you to find these since it is marked with a green icon on the mini-map. You can find items such as Power Enhance: MK I, Normalization Tablet, and Light Jelly. If you need to save the game, you can find Satori the Archivist at the entrance of the Sumeragi Tomb Grounds. When you arrive outside the OSF Training Facility, a dialogue cutscene will trigger.

To Mizuhagawa District


After the cutscene, you'll learn that the team received a distress signal pointing out to Mizuhagawa District. When you're ready, open the world map and travel to the mentioned location towards the Construction Site. For this quest, you'll be going in alone first. Upon arriving, proceed forward and you'll first encounter x2 Buddy Rummy that will spawn. You'll be prompted with a tutorial on how to trigger Brain Crush. Defeat both enemies and just a bit further, you'll find a green glowing item, interact with it to find x1 Light Jelly - head up the slope and head down the scaffolding where you'll reach the construction site proper.


Down at the open field, you can find the following items Mizuhagawa Environment B, Mizuhagawa Environment C, as well as encountering the following enemies, x2 Scummy Rummy, x2 Buddy Rummy. Continue towards the large open field where a triangle icon is indicated on the mini-map and you'll encounter more enemies, x3 Buddy Rummy, and once you kill all three, a Wither Sabbat will spawn.


Defeat all enemies and proceed to the marked objective, near the open field on the west side, you can find Satori the Archivist. Interact with him if you want to save your progress or check his shop to restock on items. Make sure to check Satori's location to find some items such as Mizuhagawa Environment A, Mizuhagawa Environment B, Light Jelly, and SAS Refueling Drink - when you're ready, head down the metal slope that's next to Satori, and a dialogue cutscene will trigger where you'll find Arashi Spring and Gemma Garrison.

Arashi and Gemma


After the cutscene, Arashi and Gemma will join Yuito as Companions and you'll enter a battle against new Other enemies, the Bandeau Pendu. Apart from that, you'll also be prompted with new tutorials for the Struggle Arms System (SAS) abilities, SAS: Velocity. The Bandeau Pendu moves at a fast rate, so you need to connect with Arashi's power Hypervelocity to move at an exponentially fast rate which causes time to slow down. This way, your attacks will be able to hit the airborne enemy. But you need to take these enemies out before the skill timer runs out, when Hypervelocity ends, you need to wait for it to recharge so that you can hit the Bandeau Pendu.


You'll also gain a tutorial on how SAS: Sclerokinesis works when you connect with Gemma's power, Sclerokinesis. This triggers after you defeat the Bandeau Pendu, and an Auger Sabbat spawns on the battlefield. With SAS: Sclerokinesis, Yuito's body strengthens and hardens, which renders enemy attacks ineffective for a period of time. The Auger Sabbat is wearing a helmet that has a sharp end, so focus on destroying it to reveal its weak spot, the head. Using Psychokinesis will easily break it. Defeat the enemy and another cutscene will trigger.



After helping Arashi and Gemma, you'll all leave the area and rendezvous back at the group's "Hideout", a site for rest and relaxation. The hideout used to be the Sumeragi Family evacuation unit but was later on converted into a hideout for the active members of the OSF. At the hideout, you can travel here whenever you want, just open the world map. Returning to the hideout will recover your HP. But take note that you will not be able to return here if location movement is limited.


Apart from that, at the hideout, you can talk to your teammates and give them gifts to strengthen your bonds. The interval in between the main story is called the Standby Phase. Standby phases always start at the hideout and you are free to move and roam. If you want to progress the main story, check out the table in the center of the hideout's living room. Another thing is before heading out, you can organize your party. You can choose battle members (Companions) besides the main character and reserve members from the "party" in the main menu. You can set members' powers in the SAS menu. If you use battle member's powers through SAS, there will be a bonus added to the duration, and SAS gauge recovery speed.

Bond Episode: Hanabi Ichijo


Take this time during the Standby Phase to take on a few bond episodes. Speaking to Hanabi Ichijo will trigger your first bond episode with her. It will only consist of a dialogue cutscene with Yuito and Hanabi. By doing so, you can increase your bond level with her which increases the level of the SAS ability, SAS: Pyrokinesis. You'll acquire level 2 which provides a new combat tactic when you trigger SAS: Pyrokinesis - after the bond episode with Hanabi, approach the table in the center of the living room and you'll receive a brain message from Kasane Randall, replying to the message will trigger a bond episode with her, this time, you'll return to Kikuchiba in the field, accompanied by Kasane herself. It is recommended that you answer her message before you progress the story. Interacting with the table will end Phase 1 and begin Phase 2.


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