Tsugumi Nazar

Health 643
Power 48
Attack 50
Defense 20
Pyscho-Kinetic Ability Clairvoyance
Weapon Specialization Revolver

Tsugumi Nazar is a Companion in Scarlet Nexus. Tsugumi Nazar can fight alongside either one of the game's Main Characters: Yuito Sumeragi or Kasane RandallTsugumi Nazar harnesses the Pyscho-Kinetic AbilityClairvoyance and specializes in wielding the weapon; Revolver. Companions play an integral role in Scarlet Nexus since they can combine their powers to unleash powerful, unique, and deadly attacks to take down their foes.


My clairvoyance can see you...


Tsugumi Nazar Information


A shy OSF member. OFten stutters while she feels exceedingly nervous when talking to others and feels depressed afterward. However, she is definitely not weak and always says what needs to be said, strictly and clearly. Also surprisingly, she is very competitive and doesn't lose her composure even in battle, making her a soldier with very good abilities.

She likes gardening and due to her powers that enable her to look directly into the insides of the ground and plants, she often succeeds in growing very difficult species. Although she likes spending alone time in nature which makes her to having only a few friends, she cherishes and cares about the ones she trusts.

An introverted and shy OSF member. She isn't good at communicating and her extreme nervousness when talking to people causes her to speak hesitantly. She is a quiet person, but isn't timid, and will say what needs to be said harshly. She is also competitive. She retains her calm in battle as well, so she makes a fine soldier. 

She spends a lot of time alone and doesn't have many friends, but when she does make one, she holds them, dear. Kagero Donne, who she trained with, is one of the few friends she shows her true self to. Her hobby is gardening.


How to Recruit Tsugumi Nazar


Tsugumi Nazar Weapon Proficiency

Tsugumi Nazar specializes and is proficient in using the following Weapon/s:

  • Revolver


Tsugumi Nazar Notes and tips

  • Other Notes and Tips
  • JP Voice Actress: Marika Kohno



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