Wataru Frazer

Affiliation OSF
Voice Actor (JP) TBC

Wataru Frazer is an NPC in Scarlet Nexus. NPCs are characters who can be interacted with in your journey and also add contrast to the game's lore, where some NPCs provide information, grants unique quests, while others are categorized as Merchants or Blacksmiths whom you can trade with or request for certain services.


That being said, it's a lot of work, so join the group.


Wataru Frazer Information


Wataru is the OSF's platoon operator who can communicate with the team telepathically up to around 500 kilometers, but with the system's assistance back at HQ, the distance is greatly increased.

In the demo, if players choose to play as Yuito Sumeragi, he appears to be the team's tactical support by providing details on combat effectiveness, information regarding the enemy, and Yuito's current status.

An OSF operator in charge of Yuito's platoon.  He is the older identical twin of Haruka Frazer who is also an operator. His slight frame and effeminate behavior cause him to be frequently mistaken for a girl. he seems to be annoyed at correcting people about his gender, but hasn't considering changing his look at all and doesn't really seem to care. Despite his looks, he has a dynamic personality. 

He is an extreme homebody who does his best not to go outdoors and devotes himself to hobbies and the like at home. He's knowledgeable about nerdy things and is particularly passionate about collecting information on Septentrions.


Where to Find Wataru Frazer

  • Information on how to find Wataru Frazer will be added soon.


Wataru Frazer Related Quests

Listed below are the following Quests related to Wataru Frazer:

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  • Quest 3


Wataru Frazer Notes and tips

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