What Waits at the End is a Quest in Scarlet Nexus. Following her interaction with the red strings with Yuito in the anomaly, Kasane wakes up to find herself on Kunad Highway in an apocalyptic state, along with members of the Kyoka Platoon nearby. With the world around them left in shambles, they return to Suoh looking for the cause behind this unprecedented disaster. Much to their surprise, they soon realize that they have time traveled 50 years ahead, and the world they are witnessing is the consequences of the current time line, unless Kasane takes measures to change its course. 



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What Waits at the End Walkthrough

Kasane wakes up to find herself still on Kunad Highway, but it seems that the world around her has crumbled into chaos. After reuniting with her fellow platoon members, they decide to return to Suoh as they search for answers. 

Suoh City Ryujin Ward - Year of 2070


As you arrive on one of the main highways of Suoh, run straight towards the objective marker at the end of the road. Multiple Others such as the Brawn Yawn, Bandeau Pendu will stand in your path, but with access to SAS: Duplication, SAS: Electrokinesis, and SAS: Velocity, you can clear them out with relative ease. As you approach the objective, the cutscene will continue on to present the platoon encountering a seemingly powerful Psionic Fighter, taking down several large Others effortlessly. He notices the Kyoka Platoon observing him from behind, briefly acknowledges their presence, then charges at the team, triggering a boss fight.

Ronin - Yuito from the Future


When at range Ronin will use Psychokinesis and hurl nearby crates towards you at high speed, which causes bleeding. Ronin is tough as he has no Crush Gauge, and has abundant health. Fortunately, this battle is programmed to be a brief encounter before Ronin and Kasane stop fighting, so you need only damage Ronin down to roughly 85% health for the fight to end with a cutscene. 

With the above factors in mind, Kasane should abuse the advantages of having her teammates present, and counter Ronin using SAS powers. When approaching him in melee, use SAS: Velocity to gain slip through his attacks. Counter with successive strikes using SAS: Electrokinesis at the same time.  When at range, maintain movement as Ronin will throw consecutive objects at you, often very quickly such that it is difficult to throw it back with Intercept. Stall until SAS powers reload and approach up close to deal damage when you have the advantage. Continue until Ronin's health is reduced to the threshold where the game will resume to the story with a cutscene. 

As Ronin jumps in the air in an attempt to land a slash attack on Kasane, she notices the Baki pouch tied to his waist, and comes to a realization that this is Yuito Sumeragi, although a much older version. They also notice that this older version of Yuito has lost his vision, however, after hearing their voices, he recognizes each one of them, and quickly figures out that they have time skipped from the day of the "Suoh Incident" to his time, which is the year of 2070. He reveals that the power in which he and Kasane knew as Psychokinesis was actually Gravikinesis, and the ability to move objects was but the tip of the iceberg. Kasane's Gravikinesis when reached to its maximum potential actually has the capabilities to travel through time, which is also the reason she often dreams of those "Red Strings". As Yuito share this news with Kasane, her team members suddenly disappear behind her through a crimson flash, and Yuito explains that only individuals with Kasane's power can travel through time and stay for as long as they wish. Yuito explains to Kasane that he had been waiting for her arrival all these years, and knew it would happen for certain because Arahabaki had prophecized it. 

Yuito will briefly travel towards the area outside of the OSF headquarters, giving you a brief period of time to follow him, take down others and collect loots around the future Suoh in ruins. Interact with him to continue the cutscene. Yuito will go on to explain that the anomaly was supposed to be open then close as Kasane was accidentally using her time travel powers back at the Kunad Highway incident. However, as Yuito was present, his powers resonated with Kasane's anomaly and kept it open. Furthermore, every time Yuito used his powers, the black hole would absorb more space and matter around it, triggering it to grow. Over the past 50 years the tensions between Suoh and Seiran has continuously escalated, and New Himuka had branded Yuito as some hero who saved Suoh, which prompted him to live on and use his powers frequently. Without the courage to commit suicide to destroy the black hole, Yuito's frequent use of his Psychokinesis has caused it to grow beyond any manageable scale, resulting the world in this future timeline inevitably doomed. Yuito finally urges Kasane to do the one thing that could prevent this future destruction to humanity - to go back to the point in time of which she came from, and assassinate Yuito, effectively preventing the black hole from being able to grow. Knowing that Kasane would be reluctant to fulfill his orders, Yuito instantly charges towards a large Brawn Yawn to commit suicide, forcing Kasane to involuntarily travel back in time by emotionally shocking her. Upon her return to present day Suoh, Haruka will telepathically acknowledge her arrival and instruct her to travel to the Hideout to meet the platoon. 

At the Hideout, Kasane tells her team of all the events that went down between her and future Yuito, and his plans for her to kill his past self. The platoon members share mixed opinions of the plan, although their general priority seem to align with the fact that the black hole leading to the end of the world should be stopped at any cost. Kyoka and Arashi suggests Kasane take a rest to replenish energy, as well as give the team a little time to regather their thoughts before they rush to an impulsive decision. The cutscene ends, progressing onto the standby phase.

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