Booger Sabbat

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Location Arahabaki Secure Site
  • EXP, kin currency icon scarlet nexus wiki guide

Booger Sabbat is an Enemy in Scarlet Nexus. It is a goat-like Sabbat creature, capable of shooting enemies with green fire and performing powerful charge attacks.  Enemies are the regular creatures that are encountered throughout the game. Most enemies in Scarlet Nexus are also considered Others. You can find relevant information and guides on how to defeat Booger Sabbat.


Booger Sabbat Locations

Main Sighting Area


Booger Sabbat Obtainable Data 


Booger Sabbat Loot

  • EXP, kin currency icon scarlet nexus wiki guide 
    *EXP and kin currency icon scarlet nexus wiki guide obtained depends on level of enemy. 



Booger Sabbat Notes & Trivia   

  • Its projectiles are capable of inflicting Confusion status.
  • Its weak point is on its head.
  • Notes, & Trivia Go Here


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