Combat for Scarlet Nexus focuses on the basic combat mechanic of the game, its associated actions that you can execute. From indicating the usage of the various weapons that can be equipped, battle movements, player and enemy combat details, and many more. This page covers information regarding combat in general as well as individual mechanics for the game.

Scarlet Nexus Combat covers each character's powers that are available in combat, SAS, the ability to use allies powers, character specific status ailments, and general combat controls. For a list on all control tutorials, check the Controls page or check out our recommended tips on the New Player Help page.


Scarlet Nexus Combat



After pressing (LS) to step forward, you can dash with b-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min.




Jump with a-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min. b-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min to step forward. You can also evade enemy attacks by inputting b-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min and (LS) at the same time. 


Perfect Dodge


If you dodge the enemy attack at just the right time, you perform a Perfect Dodge. This grants you temporary invulnerability, granting you an advantage in battle. Learning certain skills will allow you to recover your psychokinesis gauge by pulling off a Perfect Dodge or follow one up with a deadly attack. 




Pressing rt-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min after dodging any object or projectile being hurled at you by an enemy with the right timing will activate Intercept and send those objects or projectiles back to the enemy.




Lock on to an enemy with RS. Press again to disengage. When you are not locked on, attacking an enemy will cause you to lock-on to them. You can switch targets by pressing rb-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min + r5-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min when locked-on to an enemy.


Psychokinesis Attack


Attack with main character's psychokinesis. Hold rt-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min to consume the psychokinesis gauge and control surrounding objects to damage the enemy. 

The psychokinesis gauge will recover over time, but x-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min weapon attacks will restore the gauge a little bit. y-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min special attacks will restore it a lot more.


Rush Follow-Up Attack


Perform Rush Follow-Up Attack by following up with x-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min weapon attack when landing a psychokinesis attack  (Hold rt-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min) and get close to the enemy. Use rt-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min for a psychokinesis object attack to combo into a Psychokinesis Follow-Up Attack. Repeat to strengthen Rush Follow-Up Attack for more damage.  


EXP Bonus


While brain drive is active, active m actions like executing brain crushes, psychokinesis follow-up attacks, and perfect dodges will increase an EXP bonus. Defeating enemies will further increase the EXP in relation to the bonus value from these actions. 


Knocked Down

Enemies can be knocked down by continuous attacks or hitting them with specific objects. They are defenseless when down, making it easier to finish them off. Some enemies can be knocked down easily by a specific attack. 


Weak Points


Some Others have weak points. Attacking them in their weak points will allow you to knock them down more easily.

Weak Points Protected by shells

Some Others have a hard shell that protects their weak points. If you come across an Other like this, you'll have to break its shell to reveal its weak spot in order to defeat it. Attacking their weak spots will greatly reduce their crush gauge.


Defensive Foes (Teleportation)

Some Others take on a defensive stance when approached. They can't be damaged in this protective position, but you can use SAS teleportation to rush in and attack before they have a chance to put up their guard.


Changing Tactics


Different tactics designate which enemies your allies should target or whether they should prioritize healing. You can change tactics by pressing y-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min in the party screen. Directing your allies according to the situation can give you an advantage in battle.   

Fight to brink: Continue fighting without healing until health falls to 15%. 

Don't over do it: Once health falls below 75%, attacks will be made less frequently and healing will be prioritized. At 50% health, retreat and heal.

  • Evasive Maneuvers: Never attack, only evade and heal.
  • Target Different Enemy: Attack an enemy that the main character is not locked on to.
  • Target Same Enemy: Fight freely at own discretion.
  • Battle at Will: Attack the same enemy the main character is locked on to. 


Data Point/ Resource Reading


There are locations where you can get items. 

  • Environmental data points: Obtain Other and environmental data. 
  • Resource reading: You won't know what the item is until you obtain it.

They can be claimed again after a certain amount of time passes but their locations will be randomized.


Minimap/Location Map


The mini-map is displayed on the upper right of the screen. You can check your surroundings and the objective direction. You can turn it on or off in Options, opened with the options button from the main menu.  

Pressing the corresponding button opens the location map. Here you will be able to see more details of your current location than on the mini-map. The next objective will be displayed at the top of the location map. If you are lost, check the location map. 

There are 3 types of objective icons displayed on the map: 

  • main-story-objective-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide Main Sory Objectives
  • bond-episode-availability-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide Bond Episode Objectives
  • unaccepted-quests-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide Quests not yet accepted

World Map


You can open the world map with dpad-up-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min and travel to another location. 

  • You can't travel during battle.
  • Locations may be limited depending on the story progression.


Psychokinesis Follow-Up Attack


When a x-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min or a y-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min attack lands, performing a psychokinesis attack by holdingrt-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min will result in a powerful psychokinesis. follow-up attack. It consumes a lot of the psychokinesis gauge, so restore it by usingx-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min or y-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min attacks. This will allow you to combo longer.

Enhancing Rush/Psychokinesis Follow-Up Attacks

Learning the rush follow-up attack and psychokinesis follow-up attack skills increases the number of times they can be used consecutively. Chaining together a rush follow-up attack, a psychokinesis follow-up attack, and then another rush follow-up attack in succession allows you to deal heavy damage.


Brain Crush


An attack that destroys the enemy's weak point and defeats it in one hit. Chip down the enemy's crush gauge located below its health gauge and an icon will appear.  When it does, press lt-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min to execute a brain crush. Crush gauge can be reduced greatly with rush follow-up attacks and psychokinesis follow-up attacks. However, quick action is required as the enemy recovers over time.  Additionally, disabled enemies with depleted crush gauges can only be defeated with brain crush. Defeating enemies with brain crush attacks will always make them drop items.


Brain Drive


Brain drive is a state of increased focus, temporarily granting various buffs such as an increased attack, movement, and psychokinesis speed. The brain drive gauge fills up by performing actions such as defeating enemies or receiving damage and will activate automatically when completely filled. 


Brain Drive Effect


Activating brain drive comes with many additional effects such as increased attack speed, reduced psychokinesis gauge consumption, and reduced lifting time for psychokinesis objects allowing for a more expeditious fight. The brain drive gauge will be displayed while it is active, and after a certain amount of time, it will automatically deactivate. When outside of battle, the brain drive gauge will deplete more slowly.


Brain Field


A psionic can create a special space called a brain field by heightening their powers to the maximum. They can deploy it by experiencing brain drive for a set period of time. Deploy a brain field with (LS) + (RS) when the ready icon is displayed. A Ready icon is maintained even after brain drive so you can deploy it at will. 

Additionally combining attacks will result in a combo attack:
x-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min x-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min x-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min: Repeated Sweep.

x-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min  rt-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min x-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min: Sweep + Object Launch Combo. 

x-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min x-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min x-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min lt-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min: Sweep to Object Drop Attack. 

Brain Field Convergence


The Brain Field system is very powerful, but the burden on the user is very high. Deploying it for long periods of time is damaging and disruptive to the brain. Losing control of the brain will lead to game over. Pres (LT) + (RT) to disable the brain field before it leads to your death.


Enemy Brain Field


Some enemies that use powers can create a brain field. With some exceptions, you can't use psychokinesis attacks while in an enemy's brain field. You will need to overcome it with weapon attacks or SAS. Brain fields will disperse after a set time, so you will need to wait it out. 


Brain Points (BP)


You gain Brain Points (BP) when you level up. You can learn various skills by spending BP on the brain map screen in the menu.


Brain Map


The brain map shows you what skills you have learned and allows you to learn new skills by using BP. Skills are split into categories. Some routes only have a single path to learn the entire skillset, while other skillsets branch into adjacent categories.


Brain Message


You will receive messages from various people as you progress through the story. You can view messages in the main menu library screen. You can also open the Brain Message screen directly with rb-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min + dpad-up-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min.

Reply to Brain Messages


There are messages that you can reply to. If you reply with  a-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min, you may receive a reply as well. Some messages will have a time restriction on the reply. 




You buy or sell battle equipment and items at shops. Add-ons will be marked with an asterisk (*). The sole merchant of Scarlet Nexus is Satori the Archivist. Satori's list of items sold in the shop becomes updated over time as you progress the game.




You can view what you learned in the tutorial again from the help screen in the library of the main menu. Make sure to check it for more detailed information about controls.


System Log


A system log is displayed on the right of the screen when you defeat an enemy. You can see how much EXP and money kin-currency-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide you earned, as well as any items you received. 



The game autosaves as the story progresses or when moving to a different location. (_): currently saving. If you want to save manually, talk to a Recorder (Satori, the Archivist) that is in the location.




Struggle Arms System (SAS)


SAS is a brain-to-brain connection with a virtual cable that allows you to temporarily use allies' powers. SAS menu is displaying in the lower right of the screen during battle. Pressing rb-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-minb-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min a-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min y-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min x-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min will activate the SAS entered into each slot. Each power's effect lasts for a limited time. When the gauge reaches 0, the effect will stop. You can either stop the effect yourself with rb-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min + (RS) or rb-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min + b-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min a-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min y-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min x-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min. Each power recovers at a different rate, but once it does you can use it again.


Changing SAS Menus


You have more allies that can connect with you through SAS. There is now a second page to the SAS menu. You can switch the SAS menu page during a battle with (the respective button). *You can change the SAS Menu switch command from the Controller screen in Options from the main menu that opens with (menu button).


Organize Party


You can choose battle members besides the main character and reserve members from "party" in the main menu. You can set members' powers in the SAS menu. If you use battle member's power through SAS, there will be a bonus added to the duration, and SAS gauge recovery speed.


Assault Vision

Your allies can call to you during battle once you strengthen your bonds with them. If you reply with y-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min + b-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min, they will appear as a VISION and will execute a special attack. The stronger the bond, the more often they will call to you.


Bond Episode


In the standby phase, scenes with allies called Bond Episodes can happen depending on your progress in the main story. You will usually see this icon bond-episode-availability-icon-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide on top of their head or next to a brain message which identifies that a bond episode is available There are two ways to start a Bond Episode:

  • Talk to your ally in the Hideout and select "Bond Episode".
  • Reply to a brain message from your ally.


Giving Gifts


You can give gifts (Presents) to allies at the hideout. You can mainly get gifts from the shop's exchange. Bonds will strengthen more if you give them something they like. Gifts you give will also be displayed at the hideout, so your allies' area will become more festive.




When your team member's HP is reduced to 0, approach and hold down (Up on d-pad), and wait for the gauge to fill up completely to revive them. When your HP is reduced to 0, an ally will sometimes revive you. An ally that you have a higher bond level with will have a higher chance of reviving you.


Hideout and Standby Phase


You can return to the Hideout whenever you want. Returning to the hideout will recover your HP. *You will not be able to return if location movement is limited. You can talk to your teammates in the hideout and give them gifts to strengthen your bond. The interval between the main story is called the standby phase. Standby phases always start at the hideout and you are free to move. If you want to progress in the main story, check out the table in the center of the hideout's living room.


Bond Level


Deepen the bond with your allies by progressing bond episode, fighting with them, and giving Presents (after standby phase 2). After doing so, your bond level with them will increase when you speak to them at the hideout.  As the bond level with your allies increases, SAS effects are added and they will perform support actions on you such as healing and reviving more regularly. 


Team Bond Level


By interacting with your allies (Companions), your team's bond strengthens, increasing your Team Bond Level. This gives bonuses like increased rates of Guardian Vision, Assault Vision, and revivals, and chances to receive special items. In order to increase team bond level, you must increase individual bond levels, complete bond episodes, and give special gifts to them. 





Special Object Attack


Hold down lt-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min to consume the PK gauge and attack with special objects. After hitting the enemy, input the follow-up command shown on the screen to control the special object for additional attacks. Follow-up command changes based on the type of special object. 


Special Object Attack: Train Car


You can control some of the train cars in the Abandoned Subway with psychokinesis. They move along rails, so take note of the enemies' position and perform an attack with lt-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min at the right time to deal high damage to multiple enemies.


Weapon Attacks


(X) to perform a weapon attack, Push it repeatedly to execute a combo attack.  Jump and attack with a-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min + x-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min.


Use Item


The item menu is displayed on the bottom left of the screen during battle. D-pad left & right to switch items, down to use an item. You cannot use an item immediately after another. You will be able to use another item after a certain amount of time has passed.


Yuito Combat

Yuito's Battle Style


Yuito fights using his power, Psychokinesis, and his sword. The attack range of his sword is short, but he can overwhelm enemies with his fast attack. He attacks enemies one-by-one at close range. 


Yuito's Special Attack


Press y-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min while moving to perform a sweeping Moving Spin Attack in the wide area. The Psychokinesis gauge will recover greatly, so adding this to combos allows you to fight while sustaining the gauge. It can only be used once per combo, but learning other skills can increase the number of times it can be used.


Using Multiple SAS Simultaneously.

After learning certain skills, you will be able to activate 2 or more SAS simultaneously. * Some SAS cannot be activated together. You can use rb-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min+(R5) to disengage all active SAS at once, or you can inputrb-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min + b-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min a-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min y-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min x-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min against to disengage one at a time.


SAS: Psychokinesis


Borrowing Psychokinesis from either Kasane (if you are playing as Yuito) or Yuito (if you are playing as Kasane) won't consume the Psychokinesis gauge. You will also be able to control all surrounding objects and use the Psychokinesis field to attack all of them by pressing the corresponding buttons.

SAS: Pyrokinesis


By borrowing Pyrokinesis, flames engulf weapons and PK objects for the attack, and weapon combos will have an increased area. It increases damage to the enemy and causes burned status when repeatedly used. It is effective against enemies with oiled status. Additional effects will be added as you strengthen your bond with Hanabi Ichijo


SAS: Clairvoyance


By borrowing the Clairvoyance power, you can detect invisible enemies and see-through poor visibility conditions such as fog, Additionally, perfect dodges are easier to execute, allowing you to trigger a powerful read attack by performing a weapon attackx-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min immediately after.  Additional effects will be added as you strengthen your bond with Tsugumi Nazar.


SAS: Sclerokinesis


By borrowing Sclerokinesis, you harden your entire body and render enemy attacks ineffective. The effective time shortens with the number of enemy's attack. Additional effects will be added as you strengthen your bond with Gemma Garrison.


SAS: Teleportation


By borrowing the Teleportation power, b-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min steps become teleportation moves, allowing you to attack dangerous close-range enemies with quick strikes before retreating to a safe distance. Additionally performing a weapon attackx-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min while in range of a target teleports you next to the enemy for a slash attack. It also allows you to move through the walls. Additional effects will be added as you strengthen your bond with Luka Travers.

Move to the other side with SAS: Teleportation.

There are walls you can pass through with SAS teleportation, which will be indicated by a glow. You can pass through by getting close and performing b-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min.



Kasane Combat

Kasane's Fighting Style

Kasane fights using her power, "Psychokinesis" to attack with objects and by attacking with the multiple "Knives" she has equipped. She is good at using area of effect attacks when surrounded and fighting mid-air. 


Kasane Special Attack

Using y-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min, you can activate a Back-step Attack where Kasane makes a weapon attack while stepping back to a suitable distance. The Psychokinesis gauge will recover greatly, so adding this to combos allows you to fight while sustaining the gauge. It can only be used once per combo, but learning other skills can increase the number of times it can be used. 


Using multiple SAS Simultaneously

After learning certain skills, you will be able to activate 2 or more SAS simultaneously. *Some SAS cannot be activated together. You can use rb-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min + (RS) to disengage all active SAS at once, or you can input  rb-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min + b-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min a-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min y-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min x-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min. to disengage one at a time.

SAS: Duplication


By Borrowing the Duplication power, you can duplicate objects to use for psychokinesis. While active, enemy shells are easier to break and it allows you to attack with multiple objects. Extremely effective when you want to finish off multiple enemies at the same time. Additional effects will be added as you strengthen your bond with Kyoka Eden.


SAS: Invisibility


By borrowing the Invisibility power and vanishing, you will go undetected by enemies. You can sneak to the enemy's weal point and attack. Attacks x-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min , a-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min + x-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min, special attacks y-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min, and PK attacks rt-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min when the enemy does not detect you are always critical hits that apply massive physical and crush damage.  You can execute a powerful backstab attack that deals enormous crush damage by holding y-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min while invisible and releasing it once it's charged. Additional effect will be added as you strengthen your bond with Kagero Donne.


SAS: Psychokinesis


Borrowing Psychokinesis from either Kasane (if you are playing as Yuito) or Yuito (if you are playing as Kasane) won't consume the Psychokinesis gauge. You will also be able to control all surrounding objects and use the Psychokinesis field to attack all of them by pressing the corresponding buttons.


SAS: Electrokinesis


By borrowing Electrokinesis, the attacks and psychokinesis objects will have electricity that increases the damage and can cause the Shocked Status when used repeatedly. It is effective against enemies with soaked status. Also, weapon combos create shockwaves, allow you to hit enemies at a distance.  Additional effects will be added as you strengthen your bond with Shiden Ritter.


SAS: Velocity


While borrowing Hypervelocity, you can move at a pace that makes it feel as if time slowed down. Use it when confronting fast enemies or those you want to finish off quickly. Additional effects will be added as you strengthen your bond with Arashi Spring.




Status Ailments

Status Ailment: Burning

Enough fire damage will inflict burned status. Additional damage is taken until status is removed.


Status Ailment: Oil

Enough oil damage will inflict the oiled status. You can lose your footing and will become unable to use b-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min. It will be easier to become burned when attacked by fire during oiled status. 


Status Ailment: Shocked

Enough electricity damage will inflict the shocked status. Affected characters are knocked down and temporarily immobilized. 


Status Ailment: Soaked

Enough water damage will inflict soaked status. You can lose your footing and will become unable to use b-button-controls-scarlet-nexus-wiki-guide-min. It will be easier to become shocked when attacked by electricity during soaked status. 

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