Lore for Scarlet Nexus covers information regarding the setting, and world that the game is in. This page features the backstory and elements that add depth and richness to the game. In Scarlet Nexus, players take on the role of Yuito Sumeragi, a new recruit to the OSF aiming to become an elite psionic like the one who saved him as a child. Armed with talent in psycho-kinesis, explore the futuristic city of New Himuka and uncover the mysteries of a Brain Punk future caught between technology and psychic abilities.


Scarlet Nexus Lore 

In the far distant future, a psionic hormone was discovered in the human brain, granting people extra-sensory powers and changed the world as we knew it.

As humanity entered this new era, deranged mutants known as Others began to descend from the sky with a hunger for human brains. Highly resistant to conventional attack methods, extreme measures needed to be taken to battle the overwhelming threat and preserve humanity.

Those with acute extra-sensory abilities, known as psionics, were our only chance to fight the onslaught from above.

Since then, psionics have been scouted for their talents and recruited to the Other Suppression Force (OSF), humanity’s last line of defense.

Spoilers Ahead


Main Character Lore

Yuito Sumeragi

"He comes from a great family who are descendants of the founding father. Cheerful and optimistic, he's a young boy with an unwavering and kind heart. Having had his life saved by the OSF when he was young, he was inspired to join the OSF as a volunteer to be able to save others. He fights close quarters with a combination of quick sword attacks and psychokinesis abilities"


Kasane Randall

"Scouted by the OSF, she was an elite cadet at the academy, always at the top of her class. Cool, rational, and indifferent to others, the only person she's opened up to is her adoptive sister. She is extremely loyal to her, and she will do anything for her sister. She fights at range with a combination of ranged, multi-blade attacks and psychokinesis abilities."



  • Others: Extraterrestrial monsters that prey on human brains found devastating Earth.
  • OSF: (Other Suppression Force) An organization made to be Earth's last line of defense against the Others. The teams are split up into platoons made of Psionics to destroy the treacherous Others wreaking havoc on the cities. 
  • Psionics: Humans with acute extra-sensory abilities and powers, such as Yuito and Kasane's Psychokinesis granted by a newly discovered psionic hormone in the human brain. 
  • Design Children: Children brought up to be psionics through experimentation and emotional manipulation.
  • Extinction Belt: A cluster of Other foreign Particles, clustered into an extinction belt surrounding the Earth, turning humans into Others, and plaguing earth with an Other invasion.
  • Metamorphosed: The process of a human turning into an Other. Naomi Randall, Kasane's sister is seen to have gone through this process.
  • Spring of Extinction: The time the moon redirected the Extinction Belt Particles towards the Earth.
  • Togetsu Faith: Togetsu is a religious cult, found within Hieno Mountain, that holds a lot of valuable archives and information on the history of the earth and the colonist that descended from the moon. 
  • Red StringsPowers that represent connections and attachments and allow its users like Kasane and Yuito to jump through time. The Red Strings users are where BABE draws its power from.



New Himuka

Scarlet Nexus first takes place in New Himuka. A country set in a different reality where all brains are connected. Yuito's ancestor was the founding father of New Himuka, The Sumeragi family has a long political lineage with his father leading the current government and his brother serving in command at the OSF. Its city center, the central district lies in Suoh, and its central computer system can be found in Arahabaki.



The origin of the rebellion. When Karen Travers led people to believe that human brains were used as experiments to turn humans into Others and use them as weapons. Karen Travers also took the loyalty of half of the OSF including Kasane Platoon, making the Seiran OSF from Phase 6 onwards.



"Sanctuary Looking up at the Moon." Origins of the Togetsu faith. Located within the Hieno Mountains, it contains a great archive that is protected by the Togetsu Faithful and the Design Children. Togetsu is also the home of BABE, Stairway to the "One and Only" Future, the Central computer system of Togetsu. BABE uses the brains of Red String users to power itself and even tries to lure Kasane and Yuito to forfeit their brains to BABE and establish a connection. 



Kagero Donne

An adult recruit of the OSF, who was scouted much later than usual, Kagero is a sociable, somewhat frivolous young man. With his handsome appearance and silver tongue, he can befriend anyone and get himself out of any situation. He never accepts defeat even in the direst times, and he always jokes around to reassure his teammates. He is an immigrant from Togetsu, a priest of their faith. However, he does not appear interested in their teachings anymore. His past is the only aspect of his life that he is secretive about.

His real name is Shin Daniel. It is later found that he himself was a colonist from the moon who left his family in the past. His goal was to stop Togetsu's plan and to do so, he almost had to assassinate Kasane.


Arashi Spring

This lovely soldier - the face of the OSF, whose passion and sunny personality have earned her fans of all ages - is just a persona Arashi uses when on screen. When there are no cameras around, she loosens up and slacks off her work, often referred to as "Lazy Ara" by her teammates.

If she feels like it, her calm and brilliant mind makes her extremely dependable in any situation. It is even rumored that the abilities of his genius are on par with those of the Septentrion. What is even harder to believe due to the effects of the anti-aging drugs is that she is actually Fubuki Spring's older sister.


Kyoka Eden

Kyoka is widely known as the OSF Major, the perfect amalgamation of brains and beauty. She is great at looking after her units and frequently oversees platoons as a result.

She treats her team as family and is usually a kind and loving person who transforms when dangers come knocking. She and Arashi joined the OSF the same year and have remained good friends throughout

One of the Design Children created synthetically in Togetsu based on the DNA of the neurological expert Dr. Hitoyo Pope. She was sent to Suoh by Togetsu as a spy. 

She has memories of living as Kyoka Eden, but still retains the memories of Dr. Pope. It's believed that this unstable condition is the reason for her personality changing in battle and her chronic headaches. She was created in a lab, but after living for many years as Kyoka Eden, She's gained real human emotions, so it might no longer be proper to call her one of the Design Children.


Shiden Ritter

Shiden's transfer to this new platoon, where he teamed up with Kasane, was caused by his sharp tongue and attitude. This complicated relationship with his old commander.

His sense of pride and his high strict nature can make him a troublesome teammate to have - that is until you prove your strength to him. On the other hand, he does not shy away from complimenting people with strong powers such as the Septentrion.


Tsugumi Nazar

A shy OSF member. OFten stutters while she feels exceedingly nervous when talking to others and feels depressed afterward. However, she is definitely not weak and always says what needs to be said, strictly and clearly. Also surprisingly, she is very competitive and doesn't lose her composure even in battle, making her a soldier with very good abilities.

She likes gardening and due to her powers that enable her to look directly into the insides of the ground and plants, she often succeeds in growing very difficult species. Although she likes spending alone time in nature which makes her to having only a few friends, she cherishes and cares about the ones she trusts.


Luka Travers

While he is a gentle teenage boy who could look like a girl, he has a brilliant brain to analyze various situations and make the right decisions calmly. In the OSF he has a lot of experience and a high ranking. He is also one of the elite "Septentrion" members like Fubuki who have superior powers. His older brother is also a praised member of the OSF. Together, they are known as the Travers brothers.

Due to the indifferences in effects from the growth suppression in the OSF, Luka's growth has stopped at a very young age, causing him to still have a very delicate body now. However, he looks up to tough and beautiful muscles, making him do daily muscle training and protein intakes in order to get closer to his ideal body type.


Gemma Garrison

A quiet and calm OSF member. As powers weakening through the aging of the brain, the growth of OSF members is suppressed. As he starts to get old, his appearance started to feel older than most of the members. It all means that his retirement is not far away, but at the same time, it proves that he is a reliable veteran which has great expertise in combat.

Extremely serious and earnest to a point that he is clumsy sometimes. He also feels deep pride in his work in the OSF and disciplined to improve his powers through immense efforts. As he was only captivated in fighting the Others since he was a kid, he knows nothing and is disinterested in trends in the world or even love relationships.


Hanabi Ichijo

A childhood friend of Yuito who has a cheerful and energetic personality. She despises injustice and is a hard worker, and always acts before thinking. Although being reckless in other people's perspectives, she is a very gentle and caring person which sometimes makes her hide her real characteristics.

Although being from the same school as Yuito, she got scouted in a training school for the OSF. For people like Yuito who enlisted themselves for the OSF, as their training facilities are not the same they were separated. After a long period of time when they officially join the OSF, they finally meet one another again.


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