Baki Keychain

Max Carry 1
Use This item is a collectible.

Baki Keychain is a Miscellaneous Item in Scarlet Nexus. Miscellaneous Items or Key Items in Scarlet Nexus are an assortment of other various items that could be used to progress in the storyline and Quests. These could be given by NPCs or Companions or looted from various Locations.


A keychain for Baki, the official mascot character for New Himuka's lauded city computer Arahabaki. Yuito is a big fan of the character, and he looks to complete his keychain collection one day. 


Baki Keychain Information

  • Max Carry: 1
  • Use: This item is a collectible.



Where to Find Baki Keychain


Baki Keychain Notes and tips

  • ???
  • Other Notes and Tips



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