Gemma Garrison

Health 900
Power 43
Attack 58
Defense 34
Pyscho-Kinetic Ability Sclerokinesis
Weapon Specialization Gloves

Gemma Garrison is a Companion in Scarlet Nexus. Gemma Garrison can fight alongside either one of the game's Main Characters: Yuito Sumeragi or Kasane RandallGemma Garrison harnesses the Pyscho-Kinetic AbilitySclerokinesis and specializes in wielding the weapon; Gauntlets. Companions play an integral role in Scarlet Nexus since they can combine their powers to unleash powerful, unique, and deadly attacks to take down their foes.


Don't worry. My power is specialized for defense.


Gemma Garrison Information


A quiet and calm OSF member. As powers weakening through the aging of the brain, the growth of OSF members is suppressed. As he starts to get old, his appearance started to feel older than most of the members. It all means that his retirement is not far away, but at the same time, it proves that he is a reliable veteran which has great expertise in combat.

Extremely serious and earnest to a point that he is clumsy sometimes. He also feels deep pride in his work in the OSF and disciplined to improve his powers through immense efforts. As he was only captivated in fighting the Others since he was a kid, he knows nothing and is disinterested in trends in the world or even love relationships.

An experienced OSF member who is quiet and calm. His slightly aged look stands out in the OSF, which is composed of members called "children of the state" whos growth is stopped in their teens by anti-aging drugs. He has begun aging and his retirement is near, which accounts for his current appearance, but this means that he is quite the veteran and an expert in combat.

He is serious to the point of being awkward, and no one has ever heard him tell a joke. He is proud of his work with the OSF and continues to work stoically to improve himself, but has never been interested in the ways of the world, or mundane affairs like romance.


How to Recruit Gemma Garrison

  • In the Demo, Gemma Garrison was featured as one of the companions.
  • In Yuito's playthrough, Gemma automatically joins the party during the quest Trusting the Path to the Future (Mizuhagawa District) in Phase 1.


Gemma Garrison Weapon Proficiency

Gemma Garrison specializes and is proficient in using the following Weapon/s:

  • Gloves


Gemma Garrison Notes and tips

  • Other Notes and Tips
  • JP Voice Actress: Ryota Takeuchi



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