• Church Headquarters

Togetsu is a Location in Scarlet Nexus. Locations in Scarlet Nexus feature various areas that can be explored such as cities, abandoned, destroyed districts, landscapes, and many more. The game's many locations are inspired by classic anime and western science fiction, with a setting of a Brain Punk-futuristic Japanese setting where deranged mutants inhabit the large environment.


Togetsu Related Quests

Listed below are the following Quests related to Togetsu:


Togetsu Sub-Areas

  • Church Headquarters


Togetsu Enemies & Bosses

Listed below are the different encountered Enemies & Bosses in Togetsu:

  • n/a


Togetsu NPCs & Characters

Listed below are the following NPCs and Characters who can be found in Togetsu:


Togetsu Notes and Tips

  • ???
  • Other Notes and Tips



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