Kyoka Eden (Boss)

Location Hieno Mountain
Weakness N/A
Reward/s 10,000 EXP

Kyoka Eden (Boss) is a Boss in Scarlet Nexus. Originally introduced as an ally, she is a competent OSF member gifted with the talent of Duplication, and uses her double crossbows to fire hails of long range attacks. Kyoka is only encountered as a boss when playing as Kasane. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards. You can find relevant information and guides on how to defeat Kyoka Eden (Boss).


Kyoka Eden (Boss) Location



Kyoka Eden (Boss) Rewards

  • 10,000 EXP 



Kyoka Eden (Boss) Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Kyoka has the power to periodically spawn another clone of herself, duplicating all her attacks for a short duration. Therefore, she is especially skilled at releasing blitz of long range bolts at foes with the double crossbows that she wields. Consequently, however, she is often pigeon-holed into remaining rather stagnant during combat, relying on positioning to fire barrages of arrows from afar, while lacking mobility which leaves her vulnerable to close up damage. 

As Kasane, you will encounter Kyoka Hieno Mountain with Shiden, Kagero, and Arashi backing you up, giving you access to 3 different SAS abilities. A relatively immobile opponent, Kyoka will release basing crossbow attacks when enemies draw near, and frequently unload an AOE buckshot of crossbow bolts covering an area both wide and far, damaging multiple foes. She will often attempt to roll forward when overwhelmed in melee, before proceeding to turn around and countering with a swarm of long range attacks. Every now and then, Kyoka will remain in a complete standstill as she raises both crossbows to fire a blitz of bolts up in the air, causing them to rain down on her targets. 

With Arashi as part of the team, all of Kyoka's attacks should be avoided with ease as you dash in with SAS: Velocity and overpower her with melee combos. As Kyoka attempt to run away, follow up with Psychokinesis attacks to maintain damage. Additionally, when SAS: Invisibility is available, cloak yourself in stealth and surprise her with a charged-up, bursty backstab. When depleted to around 60% health, Kyoka's Crush Gauge will be emptied out, allowing for an opportunity to burst her down past 50% health. 

At this point, Kyoka will don on her hood and mask, beginning the second phase of the battle. While utilizing the same attacks, Kyoka will sporadically spawn two clones at a time, and even leave behind after images with her forward rolls, multiplying the amount of bolts that she fire with the subsequently counter attacks, as her visions also duplicate the attacks. To counter this, press on even more aggressively after hiding in stealth with SAS: Invisibility. With only your teammates as target to attack, this ability will effectively take all ranged pressure off you. Proceed to counter with a backstab, and pin her down by following up with a swarm of SAS: Electrokinesis attack. Proceed to spam combos over her immobilized body as she is stunned, and enter Brain Field when the prompt appears. Make sure to run sideways continuously as Kyoka, her dual clones, and vision's ranged attacks can stack up in damage. Hurl Psychokinesis attacks at her simultaneously, and continue to dominate the fight with Electrokinesis strikes afterwards to defeat Kyoka. 




Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Duplicate: Kyoka periodically spawns a clone that can travel independently within the battlefield, doubling her attacks via duplication. Psychokinesis/Melee Attacks to destroy the clone.
Crossbow Blunderbus: Kyoka fires a spreading shot of numerous crossbow bolts, covering a large area in front and damaging all units hit.  SAS: Velocity; Sideways movment; Dodge
Raining Bolts: Kyoka standstill and raises both crossbows, firing a blitz of bolts into the sky to make them rain over her targets.   Charge in and attack Kyoka while she is standing still to perform this move. 
Phase 2
Dual Duplicate: Kyoka periodically spawns two clones that can travel independently within the battlefield, tripling her attacks via duplication.  SAS: Invisibility; Psychokinesis
After Images: Kyoka dodge rolls forwards and leaves behind a line of after images, who will all perform a copy of Kyoka's current attack, multiplying that specific attack many times over. This dodge roll is usually followed by the Crossbow Blunderbuss attack, leaving a big part of the arena covered in flying bolts for a moment.  SAS: Invisibility; SAS: Velocity + Perfect Dodge. 



Kyoka Eden (Boss) Lore

Kyoka Eden (NPC), originally a fellow member of the OSF, was Kasane's former commander. After having her memories manipulated by Togetsu, she briefly struggles with her identity, and intercepts Kasane's platoon atop Hieno Mountain. Confused and triggered by alternate memories, she gets in a heated battle with her own teammates until they subdue her, and subsequently helps her regain her original self and reflect on whose side she is truly on. 


Kyoka Eden (Boss) Notes & Trivia

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