Kasane Randall (Boss)

Location Suoh, Kikuchiba
Weakness N/A
Reward/s N/A

Kasane Randall (Boss) is a Boss in Scarlet Nexus. Kasane Randalll is one of the Main Characters and close ally to Yuito Sumeragi in the OSF, but seemingly turned against him for unknown reasons. Kasane is known for having the same power as Yuito, Psychokinesis, and her expertise at utilizing the lethal Arrowloot Leaf. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards. You can find relevant information and guides on how to defeat Kasane Randall (Boss).


Kasane Randall (Boss) Location



Kasane Randall (Boss) Rewards

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Kasane Randall (Boss) Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Being an OSF member highly skilled in combat herself, Kasane is undoubtedly a formidable foe. Equipped with a melee weapon, the Arrowloot Leaf, and gifted with the powers of Psychokinesis, her combat style mirrors that of Yuito's in many ways. Most of Kasane's attacks revolves around manipulating several Arrowloot Leaves with Psychokinesis, slashing foes by throwing them out like Shurikens, then again as they return to her. 

Kasane is encountered as a Boss multiple times during the story: first encountered in Phase 2, during the Quest "Days of Disquieting Stagnation" at the parking lot in Kikuchiba; the second encounter takes place during Phase 4, in Suoh duinrg the quest "Fate Split in Two"; and finally Kasane ambushes Yuito's platoon once again in Kikuchiba during "A Changed World and Creeping Unease" from Phase 5


First Encounter:

During the first encounter with Kasane in Phase 2, Kasane will primarily attack with her Arrowloot Leaf. This boomerang-style weapon can be quite disruptive as they are thrown fairly quickly, and covers moderate range in multiple directions. Players can dodge the Arrowloot Leaves as Kasane sends them out, and jump in to attack in melee as she pulls them back. As her secondary attack, Kasane will throw surrounding objects at Yuito with Psychokinesis from time to time. To counter this, players can use this against her and "Intercept" her attacks -  by pressing the designated button right after Kasane sends objects or projectiles at you, players can use Psychokinesis to throw them back at her. 

When Kasane's health is reduced to roughly 40%, you'll see a prompt to use Psychokinesis to pull out a pole and throw it at her. Trigger it and a showdown will happen between Yuito and Kasane, quickly mash the button indicated so that you win against the sequence. You'll inflict a lot of damage against her, so simply follow up with more attacks to win the fight.


Second Encounter:

In the second battle against Kasane, she will utilize a near identical set of attack sequence as the first encounter. Therefore players can adopt the same strategy they learned in the first encounter to fight against her - jump in to attack in melee when she pulls her Arrowloot Leaves back, and use Psychokinesis to throw objects back at her right after dodging her throws. 

Indifferent to the first encounter however, is that amidst this second battle, Yuito will attempt to learn to use Brain Field against Kasane. Once you have reduced her health to around 70-60%, a cutscene will trigger and you'll be prompted to press the Left and Right analog sticks of your controller to trigger Brain Field. At this point, Yuito enters Brain Field. During this frenzy phase, you can't use any weapon attacks, but you can go crazy with using Psychokinesis attacks. Keep spamming your Psychokinesis attacks and maintain a safe distance from Kasane's attacks. At some point, you'll hear Gemma telling you to close the Brain Field to avoid losing control of Yuito's brain, if you don't close it, it leads to a game over.

When the tutorial window pops out, reuse the Left and Right analog sticks of your controller to disable the brain field before it leads to your death. By doing so, you'll trigger another cutscene, complete the battle, and progress to the standby phase of Phase 4.


Third Encounter:

The third encounter will take place yet again in Kikuchiba, but this time Kasane will be accompanied by and Arashi Spring and Kagero Donne. Fortunately, Yuito is amongst his team members Hanabi Ichijo and Luka Travers, who, during this battle can support him with their unique SAS abilities. This will allow Yuito to go toe to toe with Kasane when trading blows in melee, as Yuito's powerful sword combos enhanced with Hanabi's SAS: Pyrokinesis should deal far superior damage in comparison.

In this particular instance, Yuito and his team must first eliminate Arashi and Kagero before battling Kasane. These two accomplices will only attack in melee, and are capable of performing very quick dashes across the battleground. Focus on them one at a time and chain as many melee attacks on them as possible to keep them pinned down, preventing them using their mobility. Quickly eliminate them in this fashion to kickstart the battle against Kasane. 

An additional power that Kasane brings to the battle during this encounter is her Brain Field. Identical to Yuito's, this power will trap all units inside the caster's Brain Field realm, enhancing their Psychokinesis powers while disabling others capable of it from using it. While in this state, players must overcome Kasane with only melee attacks and SAS. Numerous large objects will also conveniently appear around Kasane, allowing her to continuously damage and knockdown targets with devastating throws. A good way to avoid damage and close the gap is to empower Yuito with SAS: Teleportation, allowing him to blink in and out while damaging Kasane with melee slashes, and avoiding some of Kasane's Psychokinesis attacks. With this strategy the overwhelming amount of Psychokinesis throws from Kasane will become more manageable, allowing Yuito to wait out her Brain Field power.

On the flip side, players should use Yuito's own Brain Field power against Kasane when it becomes available when Kasane's health has been reduced to roughly 30-20%. This will greatly speed up the fight and possibly defeat her with heavy damage from augmented Psychokinesis. 


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Arrowloot Leaf: Kasane uses her Psychokinesis to send out her Arrowloot Leaves and quickly pull them back, slashing foes both ways in a Shuriken-like motion.  Dodge the Arrowloot Leaves when they are thrown out;  Attack in melee as she draws them back in; Hanabi's Pyrokinesis. 
Psychokinesis: Bestowed with the power of Psychokinesis, Kasane can lift objects with her mind and hurl them at enemies to deal heavy damage and knock them down. Dodge; Hold down the designated button right after dodging to throw the object back at her with Yuito's Psychokinesis.
Brain Field: Establish a Brain Field realm whereby Kasane's Psychokinesis abilities are enhanced, and others capable of Psychokinesis are disabled from using it. Dodge, Luka's SAS



Kasane Randall (Boss) Lore

Kasane Randall was originally one of Yuito's most trusted allies, and one whom he shared a special bond with, as it is revealed that he has a vague recollection of her attempting to save him when he was a kid. However, during Phase 2 of the story, Kasane's sister (Naomi Randall) abruptly turned into an Others monster, leaving the team with suspicious clues indicating the government's secret experiments attempting to turn people into Others. Following this heart-breaking encounter, it is unknown whether Kasane has found more information concerning the conspiracy, but she proceeds to seemingly turn against Yuito, and attempts to eliminate him. 


Kasane Randall (Boss) Notes & Trivia

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