Dominus Circus

Location BABE
Weakness SAS: Electrokinesis ; Fleshy part of Head (Elephant-headed Form, Phase 2); Left Arm
Reward/s N/A

Dominus Circus is a Boss in Scarlet Nexus. It is a series of near-identical, abstract sculptures, assembled by many parts belonging to different beings.  As one of the bosses encountered near the end, the Dominus Circus will inevitably be fought against by Yuito and Kasane. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards. You can find relevant information and guides on how to defeat Dominus Circus.


Dominus Circus Location

  • At the center of BABE,  during end-game in Phase 12



Dominus Circus Rewards

  • N/A



Dominus Circus Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

One of the most bizzare Bosses in the game, all of the the Dominus Circus Others have a cumbersome, cone-shaped body causing it to support itself with one point on the bottom, forcing it to mostly be on a standstill. To completely beat this boss, the player is required to defeat a series of four sculptures that it alternates between phases.

The Dominus Circus will appear as a coil-headed sculpture in the initial phase. Holding a metal umbrella in one hand, it will launch water-based attacks, such as a jet stream spraying out of the umbrella, and a shockwave that launches wall of running water surrounding itself. Although these attack do moderate damage, they can be avoided by simply running out of range, allowing for the player to counter with continuous Psychokinesis attacks. If the you wish to close in on the Dominus Circus while the walls of water are still active, you may do so with SAS: Teleportation, though bare in mind the respective character will be affected by the Soaked Status Ailment. By doing this, the player should be able to knock the Dominus Circus down with ease, allowing for a window of opportunity to run in and stack melee burst damage. Use SAS: Pyrokinesis to maximize damage output during this time. As the Dominus Circus attempts to stand again, the player can keep it pinned down by using SAS: Psychokinesis to perform a powerful psychokinesis burst, throwing all surrounding objects at in one swift motion. Repeat this cycle of attack for one to two more rounds to defeat the Dominus Circus in this first form. 

Following the defeat of the first sculpture, a second one will instantly float up from below, beginning phase 2 of the battle. Although resembling the first sculpture in form, the second one is attached with an elephant's head, wearing a small hat. Just as cumbersome and even less protected as it wields no weapon, this sculpture is even more vulnerable to Psychokinesis attacks. Although it is capable of executing melee strikes with its trunk, and may even spray a cloud of blood from it occasionally, they can be easily dodged, and countered by simply running to its side before attacking. As it takes more damage the Dominus Circus will frequently breath steam out of hits ears to cover the entire arena up in a layer of thick fog. Use SAS: Clairvoyance when it is available to see through the fog, and continue with attacks. Use SAS: Velocity and SAS: Electrokinesis to speed things up, as the Dominus Circus in this form is weak to the Shocked Status Ailment. As it falls, bombard with melee attacks as per the Dominus Circus in its first form. The elephant stands again its hat will have been shifted, revealing a fleshy organ underneath. You will receive a prompt from your team, suggesting that this unprotected organ is especially vulnerable to attacks. Damage that organ with Psychokinesis and Aerial Attacks to deal extra damage. This cycle of attack will repeat itself a few more times until the Dominus Circus' Crush Gauge is fully depleted, allowing you to kill it in this form with a Brain Crush

Once this second sculpture is defeated, phase 3 will begin with yet another new one, springing up from below. Completely identical to the coil-headed sculpture from the first phase, this one will wield a spiral seashell in its extended left arm. After it initiates a few swinging melee strikes with the shell, you will receive a prompt from  Gemma Garrison, suggesting the party to attack its left arm right after it performs the swing. However, this tactic is risky as the swinging attack with the seashell deals enough burst damage to 2-hit kill you. Therefore, adopt this strategy with the help of SAS: Sclerokinesis and SAS: Velocity to avoid the swings, and stay protected from it them if unable to dodge. Focus on the fleshy part of that left arm just above the seashell to deal higher damage to the Dominus Circus. Continue to pressure with SAS: Electrokinesis to shock the sculpture, causing it to fall. Repeat the cycle until Dominus Circus is defeated with Brain Crush again. 

At this point, the final phase will begin and the last sculpture will appear. Though created in a similar form, this final Dominus Circus will be a combination of the three previous phases - It will be assembled with the elephant head, wielding an metal umbrella in its right hand, and the seashell in its left. It will be very difficult to approach it in melee as it is shielded by a large weapon on both sides, therefore it is recommended to run around it and use Psychokinesis.Keep running around the Dominus Circus until it is facing you and away from large objects behind it, and use Psychokinesis to pull these objects onto its back to deal damage. Once you land a sufficient amount of strikes, the Dominus Circus will again deploy fog screen over the arena. As it does this, the Dominus Circus raises both arms, exposing itself to attacks. Use SAS: Clairvoyance right away to pinpoint its location, and throw more objects at the Dominus Circus, as you run in for a wave of melee attacks. With SAS: Electrokinesis, the Dominus Circus should fall and stay pinned down for a period of time. Another way the Dominus Circus can protect itself is to execute the shockwave that can launch a walls of flowing water to deflect incoming damage from all directions. In this scenario, use SAS: Teleportation again to bypass these walls, and interrupt with a flurry of melee slashes to drop the Dominus Circus. Repeat the above steps until the Dominus Circus is finally eliminated for good. 



Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
First Form: Coil-headed Sculpture (Phase 1)
Spray Attack: The Dominus Circus rolls its umbrella around as it jets out a stream of water. The umbrella can shield attacks and knock enemies back.  Continuously run to one side; Use SAS: Velocity to speed up and get past the umbrella.
Fog: The Dominus Circus releases gas from its ears, covering the arena in a cloud of fog. SAS: Clairvoyance
Second Form: Elephant-headed Sculpture (Phase 2)
Trunk Slash: The Dominus Circus slashes foes in melee with his trunk. SAS: Velocity; Run out of range; Dodge.
Blood Spray: The Dominus Circus sprays a cloud of blood from its trunk, damaging units in front of it. Run out of range; Dodge. 
Fog: The Dominus Circus emits a layer of thick steam from its ears, covering the arena with a layer of thick fog. SAS: Clairvoyance; Continuously run around the arena to avoid attacks. 
Third Form: Coil-headed Sculpture (Phase 3)
Swing Attack: The Dominus Circus swings its seashell weapon in 180, covering a large area in front and dealing burst damage more than half of the respective character's health.  Attack the left arm after evading the swing; Psychokinesis
Slash Attack: The Dominus Circus slashes its weapon downwards, sending out a wind blade that damages enemies in the path. Run to the side, Dodge
 Charge: The Dominus Circus lifts itself with its upper arms, charging forward like a bull. Run out of range; Dddge. 
Forth Form: All Three Forms Combined (Phase 4)
*Alternates between all attacks found in previous 3 forms*



Dominus Circus Lore

The Dominus Circus is confronted in the end-game, during Phase 12 after escaping the Court Mort's pursuit as the platoon enters the center of BABE. A series of four, near-identical clockwork sculptures, they levitate and float up to take over the battle as each of them get defeated. During the battle, the player will receive brain messages from teammates, stating that even the fearsome general Karen Travers decided to leave this horror alone as it might have been too tedious to eliminate. As the team worked together and endured a grueling battle, the Dominus Circus finally relented, allowing the team to continue their search for their nemesis, Karen Travers. 


Dominus Circus Notes & Trivia

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Dominus Circus Image Gallery

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