Yuito Sumeragi (Boss)

Location Kikuchiba, Suoh, Spring Pharmaceuticals
Weakness N/A
Reward/s *Each encounter yields different rewards

Yuito Sumeragi (Boss) is a Boss in Scarlet Nexus. Yuito Sumeragi is an OSF member bestowed with the same power as Kasane's, Psychokinesis, but wields a katana instead to overwhelm enemies with a flurry of melee slashes. Being the other main character of the story, Yuito Sumeragi is encountered as a boss only when playing as Kasane Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards. You can find relevant information and guides on how to defeat Yuito Sumeragi (Boss).


Yuito Sumeragi (Boss) Location

  • Kikuchiba, during Phase 2 and Phase 5
  • Suoh, in Phase 4
  • Spring Pharmaceuticals' Seiran Factory (Phase TBC)



Yuito Sumeragi (Boss) Rewards

  • First Encounter: TBC
  • Second Encounter: TBC
  • Third Encounter: 840 EXP (Defeating Luka Travers), 840 EXP (Defeating Tsugumi Nazar), 1,000 EXP (Defeating Yuito Sumeragi)
  • Fourth Encounter: 2,000 EXP (Defeating Hanabi Ichijo), 2,000 EXP (Defeating Gemma Garrison), 2,000 EXP (Defeating Yuito Sumeragi)


Yuito Sumeragi (Boss) Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup


First Encounter (Kikuchiba, Phase 2):

The first encounter against Yuito will be a relatively easy battle. As a less experienced fighter attempting to join the OSF, Kasane by far out classes Yuito in both speed and power. One of the most noticeable advantage that Kasane can abuse is the range on her Arrowloot Leaves - players can simply outrange Yuito and interrupt him when closing in on melee as Kasane's spinning attack combos has a much farther range. Furthermore, Yuito tends to remain stagnant for long durations before moving to another point to attempt attacks with Psychokinesis. Follow the automatic prompts and tutorials from the game, and hold down the (RT) button to Intercept Yuito's Psychokinesis attacks by hurling objects back at him. When Yuito's Crush Gauge depletes, apply a devastating blow with Brain Crush. 

At roughly 20% health, Yuito and Kasane will both use Psychokinesis to throw a nearby lamp-post towards each other. Spam the (B) button as rapidly as possible to fill up the gauge below, which will overpower Yuito, automatically defeating him by slamming him on the side with the pillar.


Second Encounter (Suoh, Phase 4):

The second encounter against Yuito will take place in Suoh. A tougher fighter than before, Yuito endure melee attacks much better and take noticeably less damage than the previous fight. However, Kasane still has the advantage of range, so continue to keep him at bay with the Arrowloot Leaves melee spin attack combo. Although Yuito will be pinned by these attacks most of the time, watch out as he will occasionally run in to land a flurry of slashes when you retrieve your Arrowloot Leaves at the end of your combo. When noticing Yuito running in, dodge back and use Psychokinesis to knockback and inflict damage. 

When Yuito is at approximately 80% health, a cutscene will play, revealing Kasane's thoughts,  who noticed that her damage is not high enough to eliminate Yuito in such short period of time. A prompt will appear, instructing you to press down on both the (RS) and (LS) at the same time. Follow the prompt to activate Kasane's Brain Field for the first time. In this state, a number of large objects will suddenly levitate around Kasane, allowing her to freely spam Psychokinesis throws at Yuito, while disabling his Psychokinesis at the same time. Land as many throws as you can during this period, and run away if Yuito ever approaches you in melee. When the Brain Field Convergence tutorial pops up along with Arashi's prompt, follow the instruction and hold down (RS) and (LS) again to disable Brain Field. Failing to close Brain Field on time will lead to game over. 

Once you exit the Brain Field, the next cutscene will play, ending this battle as the story progresses. 


Third Encounter 

This encounter against Yuito is different from before, as Yuito and Kasane are both accompanied by their platoon members - Yuito teamed up with Luka and Tsugumi, while Kasane is with Kagero and Kyoka. While Yuito is the main boss in this fight, Luka and Tsugumi must first be individually defeated. They do not pose very high risk as Luka will only use his teleport ability occasionally, and Tsugumi will attack with gun shots while slowly moving around the battlefield. Both can be easily defeated as your team can simply outnumber and overwhelm them with chains of attacks. 

When Yuito appears, use SAS: Velocity to get past his Psychokinesis attacks, and stay on the offense with melee combos once you close in. When he is at around 80% health, follow the prompt to trigger a cutscene where Kasane and Yuito will use psychokinesis to hurl a nearby lamp post at each other, identical to the one in their first fight. Again, spam the (B) button as fast as possible to fill up the guage below, and overpower Yuito with a slam attack. This will automatically chunk Yuito's health down to roughly 65%. 

Continue to attack, and empower yourself with SAS: Duplicate to double down on damage. At 60% Yuito will enter into his cloaked form, counter attacking with fast melee slashes and aerial attacks. Dodge back to give yourself breathing room, then sneak in using SAS: Invisibility to land backstabs. With a depleted Crush Gauge, you should be able to burst Yuito's health down to 30% with a Brain Crush. 

In response to this, Yuito will automatically enter into his Brain Field. A fairly long Brain Field that lasts a whopping 40 second, it is impractical to simply wait it out. Instead, sneak in with SAS: Invisibility again to land bursty backstabs, then dodge away and outrun his Psychokinesis onslaught with SAS: Velocity. Attack when you are able to close in. When Yuito exits his brainfield with his health at around 20%, you will be prompted to trigger another lamp-post psychokinesis mini-battle again. Overwhelm Yuito once more to automatically win the battle. 


Forth Encounter (Spring Pharmaceuticals' Seiran Factory):

This is an encounter where Yuito and Kasane are once again supported by teammates. Luckily for you, Kasane has a much stronger team, and Yuito's teammates, Hanabi and Gemma,  will merely auto-attack in melee as you gang up on them individually. With Arashi present, use SAS: Velocity to your advantage, and strike them down one by one as you overwhelm them with attacks in a 3 vs 1 fight. Once you take them down, Yuito will appear with his katana, ready to take on Kasane and her platoon. 

Use Psychokinesis to throw nearby water barrels at Yuito, applying the Soaked Status Ailment. With Yuito slowed down from the status effect, continue to keep him pinned down using Arrowloot Leaf melee combos. Allow Shiden to attack with lightning-based melee combos, further disabling Yuito with the Shocked Status Ailment, as his attacks synergize with a soaked target. Repeat this tactic a few times to reduce Yuito's health down to about 60%. This will force him to change to his hooded form, causing him to use Psychokinesis attacks more frequently. A prompt will soon appear on Kasane, directing you to press the (LT) button. Follow the prompt to enter Brain Field, and bombard Yuito with empowered Psychokinesis attacks. As his Crush Gauge depletes, quickly burst down roughly 25% more of his health with the Brain Crush. Continue to overwhelm him in Brain Field, until commanded to exit the mode. When Yuito is left with around 15% health, the battle will end with a series of cutscenes, continuing on with the plot. 

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
First Encounter and Second Encounter (Phase2 & Phase 4):
 Psychokinesis: Hurls nearby objects at targets using the power of Psychokinesis.  Intercept by holding down (RT) just before the object hits you; Dodge
 Melee Slash Combo: Performs a series of slashes in melee with his katana.  Arrowloot Leaf melee combo; Dodges



Yuito Sumeragi (Boss) Lore

The other main character of the Scarlet Nexus lore and son of Chairman Joe Sumeragi, Yuito joined the OSF in hopes to save people from the Others. Sharing the identical power of Psychokinesis with Kasane, the two has always felt strangely drawn to each other, without quite knowing why. Despite being an ally to Kasane in the OSF, Kasane has had no choice but to attempt to kill Yuito multiple times throughout the story in order to save her sister, Naomi Randall, by changing the current timeline. She was determined to do this after meeting with the future version of Yuito, who was known as Ronin (Boss).


Yuito Sumeragi (Boss) Notes & Trivia

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