A Changed World and Creeping Unease is a Quest in Scarlet Nexus. The Suoh Incident shocked the people. Yuito is then summoned by the chief, his brother Kaito Sumeragi. Hea heads to the OSF Headuarters which ha lost half its members.



A Changed World and Creeping Unease Walkthrough


Yuito doesn't seem to remember the events of meeting Fubuki Spring and being reassinged to OSF First Platoon and him being designetad as the leader. You'll start off at the OSF Hospital where Yuito finds out the reason for him not remembering things. He find out that after the events of using Brain Field, an excess of psionic hormones have began to leak into his brain, causing temporary confusion.  Upon gaining control of Yuito, head to the hospital's lobby and another cutscene will trigger - after the cutscene open the world map and travel to the Old OSF Hospital to begin the quest, also make sure to reply to any pending messages in the Brain Messages section when you can.

The Old OSF Hospital


For this quest, you'll be accompanied by Luka Travers and Tsugumi Nazar but you will also have Gemma Garrison and Hanabi Ichijo on reserve, you can also gain access to their powers such as SAS: Sclerokinesis and SAS: Pyrokinesis. Proceed to the lobby section and you'll find x2 Resource Caches on the left and right side of the lobby, pick it up to obtain x1 Medium Jelly and x1 All: Light Jelly. Before going straight towards the marked objective, check the west ward from the lobby to find x1 Normalization Tablet and then along the way towards the marked objective, you'll find x1 All: Medium Jelly.


Now, proceed further and you'll find yourself outside the hospital where you'll encounter a new Other enemy, the Barrista Santa. You can also find an item here at the center of the outside area which is x1 Hero Figure Vol. 1. Be mindful of the Barrista Santa since it spins multiple times and uses its tentacles to hit you. Use Psychokinesis to throw objects at it and to stun it for a brief moment. Focus on breaking its shell so that you can deal more damage - after defeating the enemy, head back inside and go up the second level of the hospital.

Old OSF Hospital: 2nd Level


From the second level, go left towards a room where you'll see a large gate that's locked. Approach it and you'll be prompted with a new tutorial on how to use SAS: Teleportation. By borrowing Luka Travers' power, Teleportation, while the SAS is active, you can be able to teleport and phase through walls, and for this case, you can phase through the locked gate so that you can reach the other side of it. Upon teleporting inside the large room, you'll be ambushed by a group of Scummy Rummy enemies, followed by a new Other enemy, the Base Paws.


After defeating the enemies, head towards the unlocked gate and you'll find some items ahead such as Light Jelly in the room beside it and if you phase through another locked gate to reach the room infront, you can find x1 Fire-Proof Barrier: Generic. After grabbing the items, phase back and proceed to the marked objective where you'll find Satori the Archivist. By the entrance of the room, there's a divider on the left and behind is in a Resource Cache where you can find x1 All: Light Jelly. There's also an operation room next to him, inside the room, there's another Resource Cache containing x1 Medium Jelly.


When you're ready, proceed towards the open gate leading to a large room infront of Satori. A group of Scummy Rummy will spawn here followed by a Barrista Santa. Remember to use Psychokinesis so that you can break its shell, allowing for more critical and stronger attacks while it is immobile. Once you've killed all enemies, use SAS: Teleportation to phase thorugh the locked gate, to identify if you can phase through a gate or wall, the environment will be highlighted in green. First, phase through the gate on the right side, inside that room, there's a resource cache that has x1 SAS Refueling Drink, go back and proceed further by going through the metal door that's on the left side of the locked gate - on the other side, make sure to check the large room on the right to find x1 Normalization Tablet.


Now, you'll reach the corridor level of the patient's floor of the Old OSF Hospital. First, check the room on the right to find 200 Funds and then continue going straight back outside the corridor, there's another resource cache containing x1 Light Jelly by a dead-end. Turn around, go right, and you'll find another resource cache by a large grated door containing x1 All: Normalization Tablet.


Next, continue along the corridors and on the right side, you'll see a room that's locked. You can use SAS: Teleportation here to get to the other side where you'll find 500 Funds on top of a table inside a patient's room. Go back to the corridor and head towards the marked objective where you'll be ambushed by another group of Scummy Rummy, followed by x2 Base Paws. You need to defeat all the enemies so that you can pass into the next room where you can find Satori the Archivist again, and the marked objective - a cutscene will trigger upon reaching the marked objective.

Escape the Old Hospital


You'll learn from Luka that you will need to escape the area to avoid being caught up in between a large number of Others swarming the area. Upon gaining control, head towards the corridor section of the patient's floor that's on your right. Grab the Light Jelly that's straight ahead from where Satori is and enter the large room next to it where you'll encounter x1 Barrista Santa and x1 Base Paws. You need to use Psychokinesis first to break its shell, then you can throw an oil barrel at it to drench it with oil and follow up with SAS: Pyrokinesis to cover it in flames -  after defeating the two enemies, continue forward towards the long hallway where you'll enter another large room that is guarded by a group of Scummy Rummy.


You'll now reach the opposite side of the patient's floor. Make sure to check the floor level first before continuing further to find items. Eventually, you'll enter a room where a pile of televison will turn on and inside the large room ahead of it is where you'll encounter a large Other, the Slippy Chinery.  This Other can turn inbisible, so you will need to use SAS: Clairvoyance so that you can see it. Be careful of its AoE attack where it breathes out flames from its stomach. Defeat the large enemy to continue onto the next section. Before you reach the marked objective, you'll find Satori the Archivist inside a room before the marked objective, as well as 2 Resource Cache containing x1 Light Jelly and x1 Medium Jelly - we recommend that you save your game to prepare yourself for the boss ahead.

Boss Battle: Gunkin Fisher


You will now fight against the Gunkin Fisher. Much like the Gunkin Perry, the Gunkin Fisher is a resilient yet nimble beast, capable of attack at range and in melee. During the battle, the Gunkin Fisher will spill oil around itself in a radius, damaging and impairing enemies who approach it at melee. It will also regularly knock enemies back with a powerful swing from its left arm, similar to that of the Gunkin Perry's. When at its range, the Gunkin Fisher will hold one of the metal hoses hanging from its head, then aim it at its target to shoot it with a compressed beam of oil. 


By far the most unique feature that differentiates the Gunkin Fisher from the Gunkin Perry is its superior ability to climb walls. From time to time, the Gunkin Fisher will retreat from Yuito and climb up the wall and onto the ceiling, hanging upside down in a spider-like fashion. This position is advantageous for the Gunkin Fisher  as it can continue to execute targets with the Oil Spill and Oil Beam attack while staying away from upfront melee damage.


To counter the Gunkin Fisher in its "upside-down" position, the player can attack it at range using Psychokinesis while evading damage, and more importantly, pull down the tarp from the ceiling with Psychokinesis by holding down the "LT" button. Although this might take a few attempts as the Gunkin Perry will continuously bombard the player with oil attacks, once the panels above it falls, the Gunkin Perry will crash down, breaking its glass tank, rendering it stunned and vulnerable for several seconds. This window gives players a golden opportunity to chain combos and melee burst attacks.


With so many oil-based attacks coming from the large oil reserve on its back, the Gunkin Fisher's weak spot is naturally the glass casing of its tank. However, unlike the Gunkin Perry, its oil tank is caged by a series of large poles that surround the sides of the tank, making it a little more difficult to hit than the Gunkin Perry's. When using Psychokinesis to hurl objects at the Gunkin Perry, always aim for the top of the tank, or side in between the poles. Destroying the oil tank will give the player a plethora of advantages.


First, it will expose an even weaker, more vital organ encased inside, allowing players to deal heavy damage. Secondly, the Gunkin Fisher will consequently become drenched in its own oil, which will cause its body to ignite and burn when players utilize fire-based attacks. Most importantly, before the oil tank respawns the Gunkin Fisher will be unable to use any of its oil attacks.


Since the Gunkin Perry will alternate between fighting on ground and kiting from the ceiling, it is recommended for players to start charging and conserving the Psychokinesis gauge by attacking it in melee shortly before it crawls up. Having sufficient Psychokinesis energy in the Psychokinesis bar will ensure the player maintains a relevant damage output at all stages, even when the Gunkin Perry is untouchable by melee attacks. You'll then return to Suoh City Ryujin Ward after defeating the boss and after the cutscene - this ends this quest.


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