Feeling Unraveled Time Together is a Quest in Scarlet Nexus. Wakana came from 11 years in the past and leads Yuito and Kasane's team to the Kunag Gate. She tells them how to close the gate where the two need to enter the gate and unravel the entanglements.



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Feeling Unraveled Time Together Walkthrough


Yuito and Kasane's team, along with Wakana return to the Kunad Gate at Kunad Highway to close the gate. Wakana tells them that Yuito and Kasane must enter the gate and untangle the red strings, use it and enter the Chronos Terminal.

Chronos Terminal


You'll arrive at Kunad Highway where you will enter the Kunad Gateway, approach Wakana and tell her you're ready to enter the Chronos Terminal. For this quest, you'll be accompanied by Kasane but you'll still be able to gain access to the powers of your Companions via Struggle Arms System (SAS). After the cutscene, you'll encounter enemies such as the Marabou Pendu and Kitchen Rummy. Once you've defeated the enemies, simply head towards the marked objective where you'll trigger another cutscene.


You'll again, encounter a group of Kitchen Rummy after triggering the cutscene. When you've defeated all of the Others, you'll see one of the red entangled strings, use Psychokinesis to unravel it, and approach it to trigger another cutscene. Continue towards the next marked objective and you'll see another set of entangled strings where you'll be ambushed by a Brawn Yawn and a couple of Marabou Pendu. Defeat all enemies, and another cutscene will trigger. Upon gaining control of the character, simply head towards the marked objective and a cutscene will trigger where Yuito and Kasane find the Sumeragi Crest.


You'll be ambushed by x2 Juttie Chinery after the cutscene. A good tactic to take them out easily is to use SAS: Pyrokinesis. Defeat both enemies and use Psychokinesis on the entangled strings to unravel it. Approach it after you've straightened it to trigger another cutscene where Kasane and Yuito start to blackout but eventually made it back in one piece with the team at Kunad Highway. Wakana then parts ways and returns back to her time via the Chronos Terminal. After the cutscene, Hanabi mentions that Wakana left a message, open the Brain Messages terminal and go through the message that was left for Yuito - from here, speak to everyone and another cutscene will trigger, the cutscene is quite long, but you'll eventually return to the Hideout and enter the Standby Phase of Phase 11.


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